Casino Buses for Sale

The casino buses and shuttles for sale at Davey Coach can be used in a number of applications. Quite commonly, a casino bus is used to shuttle patrons from parking lots to the casino or hotel entrance, as well as to and from adjacent facilities, like concert halls and restaurants. These vehicles must endure long days and nights of continuous use while providing a comfortable and upscale experience for your passengers. These casino mini-buses for sale are usually compact and do not require a commercial driver's license, although, depending on your application and the geography of your facilities, some casinos choose to operate mid-size casino buses that carry anywhere from 16-35 passengers. Often equipped with perimeter aisle-facing seating, upgraded leather bus upholstery, bus TV systems, wheelchair accessible lifts, and exterior full bus wrap graphics, Davey Coach stocks a large selection of casino shuttles with a large selection of options to choose from.

Casino operators are also looking for casino buses for sale. Larger vehicles from 25-49 passengers are often used in programs to transport patrons from adjacent and outer-lying cities in towns to maximize accessibility and increase new visitors. With features like overhead luggage storage, reclining seats, TV/DVD playback systems, individual reading lights, and exterior changeable bus sign holders, Davey Coach has the right casino coach in stock to bring in your top players.