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The Davey Difference

The Davey Difference – 30 Years as a Customer Advocate

There's a covenant every Davey Coach associate and employee stands by. We have a desire to do things right from the start. We strive to provide the finest customer experience in the industry. And most importantly, we treat each customer like we'd treat a guest in our own homes. This means paying attention to the details. Anticipating each customers’ unique needs. And applying the same level of care and thoughtfulness to each moment with Davey Coach that we put into the buses we offer. Since 1992, this is what makes the Davey Coach experience unlike any other.

What YOU can expect from Davey Coach:

  • Respect and fairness
  • Trust and integrity
  • Growth and supportive mindset
  • Teamwork
  • Communication and transparency
  • Genuine curiosity and willingness to go the extra mile


Daily Customer Interaction

Responsiveness cannot be overstated at Davey Coach. It is our approach to ever call, email, text or site visit. It is our focus with each and every customer as well as our bus manufacturers, vendors and supply partners. Because we care about your needs, your bus and building a long-term collaboration, it is in our best interest to work hard in responding to everyone equally, respectfully and with enthusiasm.

Helping You Buy a Bus

Whether you are looking for a brand new bus, replacing an existing bus or seeking pre-owned, Davey Coach is proud to have extensive understanding of buying a bus. Additionally, our extensive history and experience with financing or short and long-term leasing and bus rentals, our team is prepared to guide you in making the best selection(s) that fit into the right budget and structure.

Understanding Bus Ownership

One key to having passenger transportation is ensuring your bus ownership experience is second to none. With hundreds of years of experience from our leadership to sales and service to leasing and rentals, you are in good hands and will be exposed to everything you need to know about bus ownership. Our primary goal is that you get the most out of your bus or fleet!

  • Help and advice about searching and configuring a bus to meet your specific needs
  • What criteria is key to ensuring your bus purchase journey is smooth and hassle-free
  • Taking ownership and having full understanding of any requirements needed to own and operate a passenger bus
    • Title/registration
    • State and Federal DOT requirements
    • Regular or routine maintenance
    • Interior and exterior care and cleaning
    • Major accessory operation and maintenance like A/C, wheelchair securements, electric doors and more
  • Value added needs – we are here for you
    • Vehicle upfitting and specialty accessories
    • Graphics and Vehicle Wraps
    • Reminders, routine maintenance
    • Long term planning and leases


We take all the steps necessary steps to ensure everything is set and ready to put your vehicle right into service confidently and without worry. Whether you take delivery at one of our locations or at your location, the Davey Coach team is dedicated to making sure you are all set to go!

The Life of Your Bus and Beyond

Highly trained Davey Coach specialists are available Monday thru Friday to answer all your questions regarding the ownership, operation, warranty and technology on your vehicle at any point during your ownership. They can assist you with customizing and activating many of the vehicle’s equipment and systems. Throughout your entire ownership of your bus or fleet, the Davey Coach Specialists are on hand to help with Service, Parts, or to troubleshoot any other issues you may have. You won’t want to buy a bus from anyone else!

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