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I just wanted to thank you for such a great job on Dave's truck. WOW it looks great and we sure turn a lot of heads. Look forward to seeing what you can do to my car... Thank you again.

- Samantha -

Team Member Bios

Davey Coach Sales, one of the leading dealers of new and used mid-sized buses and shuttles in North America, was established in July of 1992. Davey Coach is consistently  awarded Top Distributor honors by our customers and manufacturers alike for 20 years and beyond thanks to its staff of certified professionals and customer philosophy. Our successes in coach bus sales, leasing, and service has driven our company's growth for decades. Davey Coach Sales is more than an ordinary bus company offering national bus sales. Davey Coach is a Global sales organization focusing on a national level in north America, and beyond. As the leader in the Specialized Transportation Vehicle Industry we adhered to a basic philosophy of treating our customers in the same fashion, as we individually, want to be treated. Our emphasis on quality, and customer satisfaction continues to stimulate our growth. Join us as we continue our journey.

Gary Smith | General Manager

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Gary comes to us from Michigan. He brings with him 23 years of experience in operating various types of transportation systems including: vanpool programs, dial-a-ride and paratransit systems, on-airport employee shuttles, parking lot shuttles, university shuttles, sedan and taxi service, and various types of charter services. Gary's hobbies include fishing and hunting, which makes him a perfect fit for the Colorado experience.

Josh Davey | National Sales Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x317

Josh comes to Davey Coach Sales, Inc. from Minnesota. Josh is an avid football fan and has been a Bronco fan for as long as he can remember! Josh has proven himself as an invaluable asset to Davey Coach and has become very adept at helping customers with developing the specifications and build-orders for specialty coaches. With his enthusiastic attitude and tireless work ethic, he'll be more than happy to help you design your "dream" coach. Give him a call!

Rocco Andurlakis | Sales

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1-800-873-1856 x315

Rocco was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Coming from an Italian heritage, Rocco enjoys helping out at his family owned deli, spending time at the gym each day after work, and playing ball with his dog Koa. Rocco is a hard worker who is consistently strategizing and thinking about the next big idea. Starting out in sales at a very young age, Rocco has built his success around his entrepreneur mindset. Rocco's goal is to make miracles happen and he is determined to never give up until you are satisfied.

Comer Hobbs, Jr. | Sales

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1-800-873-1856 x309

Comer joins the Davey Coach Sales team with extensive bus and truck sales experience beginning in 1998.  When he's not helping his customers into the perfect vehicle for their needs, he remains active with Casting for Recovery. Comer is an avid fly fisherman, and he loves the Georgia Bulldogs, his alma mater. He was married in Machu Piccu in 2007. 

Bill Curry | Sales

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1-800-873-1856 x310

Bill Curry, a Colorado native, has been in the automotive and heavy duty truck industries for 30 years.  For the last 6 years, Bill has focused on providing excellent customer service in the sales undustry.  Bill is happily married with a total of 5 children and 6 grandchildren between them.  Bill enjoys fishing, hunting and being outdoors. 

Keith Gibson | DCS America Rentals and Leasing Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x314

Keith transplanted to Colorado from his home state of Arizona in 2003, bringing with him a diverse background in design, production, management, and customer service. Keith quickly took to the Colorado climate, and has enjoyed applying his abilities to custom design and fabrication to the Davey Coach Service team. His knowledge and experience in leasing and rentals will be sure to put you in the right vehicle for your fleet or trip. Call Keith today to book your next trip with DCS!

Jasmine DeValois | Front Desk

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1-800-873-1856 x300

Jasmine has lived all over the country, especially with her four years proudly serving active duty in the United States Army. She s enjoying Colorado, but prefers sunshine and warm weather. Outside of work, she loves to explore different things to do in Colorado with her friends or getting lost in a good book. Her Smiling face and friendly demeanor help her with greeting customers over the phone or as they come in to visit our office.  

Christopher Ezell | Graphics Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x302

Chris comes to us with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Western State College of Colorado. A 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, Chris can transform your vehicle, building interior/exterior, or just about any surface you can imagine into a beautiful advertisement for your business or organization. From design, to fabrication, to installation, from the smallest lettering job to the largest full wrap, let Chris show you how graphics can work for you!

Chris Weeks | Front Office Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x319

Chris is a Colorado native who enjoys all the things that make this state great. Chris strives to provide excellent customer service for all of our clients and contacts. Whether it is setting up delivery of a vehicle, helping with title work or handling our customers' needs, Chris is always willing to lend a hand.

Elaine Johnson | Assistant Office Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x313

Elaine has relocated from Colorado Springs. She brings 35 years of Accounting experience and 16 years in the Automotive Repair business to Davey Coach. Elaine enjoys hiking and spending time with her family. She also spends her time as a volunteering as a chaplain in the county jail.

Jeff Weatherman | Parts and Service Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x308

Jeff has more than 27 years in the automotive service industry. Jeff is a transplanted Californian but has adopted Colorado as his own. He is an avid Bronco fan and enjoys sports, camping and his grandchildren. Jeff has applied his wealth of automotive knowledge and experience to the shuttle bus world and has been a great addition to the Davey Team. He is especially good at finding those hard-to-find parts and helping customers with their many parts issues. Give Jeff a call and consider your problem SOLVED! Jeff says; "Go Broncos!"

Jeremy Padilla | Shop/Facility Manager

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1-800-873-1856 x305

Jeremy has been a part of the Davey Coach family since 2004. He has worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a detail specialist up to being the warranty manager/parts and service rep. When Jeremy is not looking for your hard to find bus part, he is busy with his two beautiful daughters and wife. Jeremy also enjoys riding dirt bikes and spending time with his large extended family. So do us a favor and put Jeremy up to the challenge of finding those hard to find bus parts. Plus we like to watch him sweat, when trying to find those hard ones.

Brian Ludvigsen | Parts Sales

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1-800-873-1856 x320

Brian is a Colorado native who comes to Davey Coach with 15 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry.  Having managed several successful companies, Brian is aware that customer service is what sets your business apart from the next, and has always strived to provide service that is second to none.  Brian enjoys all of the aspects that make Colorado great, and will go out of his way to make sure that your experience at Davey Coach is one that you will not forget.

Brian Zappanti | Service Technician

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Brian started with Davey Coach in 2011. He also comes to us from a Ford Dealership where he acquired 20 years of tech experience. Brian has fit right in with his up-beat, can-do attitude. We call him the "Great Hunter", when hunting season comes around, Brian is very hard to find. But when he returns, he always has something good to BBQ. When you have that tough A/C or electrical repair you just can't figure out, bring it in and ask for Brian, he will fix it right up... as soon as he gets back from hunting of course.

Joel Thummel | Service Technician


Joel was born in Washington D.C. and has lived all over the US of A! Some places he has lived include Virginia, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, and California. He has been a resident of Colorado for the last 20 years. Joel is the father of three children (23, 20, and 17) and one grandchild (3.) His continued interest in the automotive industry has led him to earn various educational degrees and certificates relating to his passion. He is excited to be a part of the Davey Coach Family!

Kevin Kline | Service Technician & Bus Modification Specialist


Kevin comes to Davey coach from working as a technician at a Ford dealership. He was tired of the repetitive repairs day in and day out. So when Kevin came to Davey coach, his world opened up. He can do everything, from an oil change to a custom limo conversion. He is a true craftsman that loves a challenge. Kevin is a Ford lover though, he treasures his classic Ford Mustang, we think he loves his Mustang more than he loves his job – if that's even possible! You dream it and Kevin can build it!

Jerry Evans | Service Technician & Bus Body Specialist


Jerry comes to us from the great state of Texas. Albeit a young technician, his knowledge and expertise on fixing buses is unbelievable. Jerry said his Dad taught him everything he knows about fixing cars. Jerry spent a lot of hours helping his dad fix cars. One day he decided, "Hey, I should do this for someone who will pay me!" Sorry Dad, nothing personal. He's also a dirt bike enthusiast. Some of the things he can do on a bike are pretty scary. We just hope a broken limb is not in the forecast. We need him here, working on your bus.

Corey Weinberger | Lot Technician


When it comes to detail, Corey is your man for the job. His "above and beyond" personality reflects the outstanding quality of his work that will ensure you keep coming back for more. Outside of Davey Coach, you can find Corey flying RC planes and helicopters, building model trains, and even studying different species of bugs! Most of all, Corey is constantly striving to learn something new every day.

Anthony | Lot Technician


More to Come on Anthony!

Brian Cross | DCS America Business Development

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1-800-873-1856 x323


Bio coming soon!

Tammy Beeman | Administrative Assistant

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1-800-873-1856 x311

Tammy just recently moved to Castle Rock after living in Parker for 20 years. She is also a native of Colorado and enjoys all the fishing that it has to offer. She brings with her 15 years of experience in accounting and has also previously worked in the automotive industry. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her teenage son and also owns a small online business sewing dog coats and collars with many customers all over the world! Maybe the mascots of Davey Coach would like a new collar?

Daniel Stone | Graphic Designer

Tommy | Service Tech


Tommy has lived in Castle Rock since 1975, and comes to Davey Coach as a service tech extraordinaire! With 12 years experience working on school buses, and another 6 years of medium duty dealership experience, Tommy knows exactly what he is doing and is ready to take on any job. In his free time Tommy likes to spend time with his wife and 2 kids, works in a pit crew for fast 16 car at Bandimere Speedway, and also enjoys fishing. He is a great addition to our team!

Ollie | Our Best Friend

Ollie, our dear friend and companion, left us for his great reward in the sky. Before he left he had the chance to train Turbo and pass on the keys to survival in the wilds of Sedalia. In this photo you see Ollie training Turbo on how to nap at the office! Read below of some of the exploits of Turbo, the protégé and apprentice trained by Ollie the Magnificent!

Turbo | Ollie’s Apprentice

This is Turbo! Do not let these outward appearances deceive you, Turbo is a wild, deranged carnivore! Part crocodile, part porcupine, part orangutan, and part rutabaga, Turbo is the scourge of the rabbit population in the greater metropolitan Sedalia area! At first Turbo tried to adopt a "live and let live" policy with the rabbits (they have great big teeth and could leave a terrible mark if they bit you) but recently tracked down and retrieved a road-kill rabbit that had been dead about a week! Savoring the sweet taste of success, Turbo has now taken to chasing live rabbits. Her most recent success was finding and retrieving the leg bones from a dead horse! Stop in at our sales/service facility and you may get to meet Turbo and she may even share one of her recent discoveries with you!
Update: Turbo Turns 10! Her responsibility has grown as the Coach has expanded; more Rabbits to chase and acres to patrol!

Summer | Remington’s Mentor

A recent graduate of six month obedience school Summer is ready to be a true Davey Coach mascot. Although she is wild as Canadian Thistle Summer still needs time to master all of countrified Douglas County! As Remington's mentor, Summer can pass down generations of knowledge through the retriever chain of command before her.
She'll greet you at the door when you stop by, and always loves to make a new friend. Come in and say hi to Summer whenever you're in the area!

Cayenne | Turbo’s Apprentice

This wild one is just back from obedience school although she will still need time to master all of Davey Coach!
There is much to learn about enduring the wild land of Sedalia. She can usually be found learning the ropes with the two more experienced pack members, Summer and Turbo!


Remington the English Springer Spaniel hails from across the pond.  He has made Colorado his home and as his breed suggests, has been rumored to be able to leap even the tallest buses in a single bound.  Highly trained in both the arts of obedience and bird/stick/ball/anything-you-throw retrieval, he’s always looking for a fresh arm to wear out.  The local rabbit population of Sedalia has adapted to hiding anywhere they can find cover when Remington patrols the property including high grass fields and under buses of any make and model.  As both the only male and non-Golden Retriever member of the pack, Remington is outnumbered by his yellow-clad female partners in crime, but has taken on the leader of the pack role and will undoubtedly keep the wilds of Sedalia safe to visit when you’re here checking out your new bus for years to come.