Assisted Living and Retirement Handicap Vans For Sale

There are many special features required by assisted living facilities and retirement communities for handicap vans, shuttles, and buses. Davey Coach knows the industry and stocks the right accessories for your needs. We have used retirement buses, shuttles, and handicap buses for sale to upgrade your current vehicle inventory. We offer a wide variety of vehicles but our goal is to be able to supply to each of the industries that need specialized vehicles. These industries can range from hotel resorts, to schools, to assisted living communities and we are here to supply the correct vehicle for you and your industry. Check out our large selection of wheelchair accessible vans for sale that we have in stock.

Handicap Vans for Sale

Our retirement vehicles feature wheelchair lifts and ramps, lowered floors for easy access, lighted step wells with extra handrails for added safety and ease of entrance, and germicidal Nanocide vinyl interiors and germ resistant ‘Altro’ flooring for easier cleaning and enhanced resistance to germs and bacteria. They can offer even more features to allow an easy transition to transport your residents easily and safely. Call today to speak with one of our Davey Coach representatives and we would be happy to expand upon all that we can offer you regarding handicap vans and buses for sale.

We have new and used handicap vans for sale for your small trips that seat 4-5 passengers, including 1 or 2 wheelchair positions. These are great for short trips to the grocery store, family visits, and other daily activities that don't include a larger group, and can supplement your group activity bus while maintaining better fuel and maintenance efficiency. These wheelchair accessible vans for sale are a great opportunity to enhance your current vehicle inventory. As you continue to expand your facilities and retirement communities you will want to enhance and upgrade your fleet of handicap vans and buses. Look no further than Davey Coach, as we have the top of the line handicap buses for sale for you.