Church Buses For Sale

Davey Coach has a variety of church buses for sale. We stock coaches with large capacities for use as a church trip bus, and can equip your church bus with a rear tow hitch and wiring for your trailer, rear luggage area, overhead storage, an onboard bus TV and DVD playback system, individual reading lights, and iPod-accessible inputs to power the rear audio system. Many of our long trip coaches for sale also offer a co-pilot seat, which can offer some company for your driver during the trip. Gas engine church buses and diesel engine church buses are available. We can develop the most complicated or the simplest bus that you and your church are looking to invest in. Whether it is a new or used church bus for sale we have the right bus for you.

We also offer short trip church buses for sale, with smaller passenger capacities, but any and all of the custom church bus features of the larger vehicles can be applied. If you are looking for a bus for your church trips, mission work, or church events and excursions, Davey Coach, your church bus specialist, has the right inventory.

Church Buses for Sale

Davey Coach understand the needs of a church and offers a large selection of buses to fit varying needs. Transport a large group cross country to an event or offer summer camp transportation for families around your area. Our church buses for sale are perfect for any size and we can accommodate any needs, including wheelchair transportation.

We have the ability to accommodate any type of bus that you are looking for and we want to find you the perfect fit. Don’t hesitate to call to ask questions, we have a plethora of information that we would love to share with you. Buses and vans are our passion and we want the opportunity to share that passion with you as our valued customer. Discover our selection of church buses for sale today!