Family Vans and Caravans for Sale

Are you in the market for a new family van for sale or a used family van for sale? Davey Coach offers new and used family shuttles with improved safety, comfort, size, and accessories. Our vehicles are perfect for the 8 to 15-member family for excursions, vacations, dining, or any event that your family does together. We offer a wide range of family vans for all needs and wants as we know each family cares more about certain vehicle features than others. Check out our range of family passenger vans and caravans today!

Compact and maneuverable, Davey Coach family caravans for sale are the perfect combination of interior space and drive-ability. Up to 15-passengers total, our vehicles do not require any special driver's license or endorsements to drive. With features available like electric glass entrance doors, lighted step wells with handrails, raised interior headroom, 12" wide center aisles, TV/DVD/Gaming systems and upgraded audio systems, individual reading lights, reclining luxury seats, vista touring windows, upgraded heat and air conditioning systems, overhead and separate rear luggage and storage containers, and bus wi-fi internet access just to name a few, we can have your family riding in style, whether it's a cross-country summer vacation, or just a quick trip to the grocery store! Check out our wide selection of new and used family vans for sale.

Our mini-buses feature a customizable rear bus conversion with an integrated surrounding steel cage, making them a much safer alternative to other family vans on the market. Our vehicles are available in a variety of exterior and interior dimensions to accommodate your parking provisions, and can be customized with a variety of finishing touches, like paint and even exterior stripes and graphics, to express the unique personality of your family. You have the complete ability to have influence on how your new family van is going to look at the end of the day. If this excites you than we are looking forward to working with you in the process of deciding the features you want. If the concept of designing your own van gives you anxieties, don’t worry, we also have you covered as we offer many family caravans for sale that need no adjustments.

If you are unsure of the van that you are wanting, take your time. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the product you are getting and we are here to help at any point if you are unsatisfied. Make the safe and stylish choice, and be the first family on your block with a Davey Coach family bus!