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I have worked with Davey Coach Sales for over 20 years. During that time I have been solicited by other companies for products and services. Occasionally, I would spend some time researching aspects of these various companies. Every time the outcome would be the same. No competitor of Davey Coach has ever come close to providing better products or services period! 20 years is a long time and I feel I have seen about every aspect of doing business with DCS.  The team of employees, the philosophy of the company and the physical plant has always been top notch. The level of service and how these employees will always go above and beyond the call of duty has always impressed me. The available inventory has always been impressive and they have always found a way to meet my needs. Finally, the systems they have in place have always led to the best outcomes possible. I would highly recommend Davey Coach Sales for all your transportation needs.

- Mark, CO

15 Passenger Vans for Sale

Davey Coach 1-15 passenger vans are designed with the care, comfort, and safety found in all of our buses and coaches for sale, but in a more compact package. Like a 15-passenger van, 15 passenger mini-buses require no CDL driver's license to operate, but offer the increased safety and functionality of a larger bus. Davey Coach 15-passenger vehicles are sleek, stylish, and compact, and offer the versatility of a van with the strength, finish, and comfort of a mini-bus. 15-passenger buses are available in single rear wheel axles and dual rear wheel axles, and can be accessorized in countless ways to fit the needs of your application, including 4x4 mini-buses, ski buses, executive buses, limo buses, party buses, and church buses. Fifteen passenger buses work great in applications like a parking lot shuttle, airport shuttle, executive shuttle, family bus, school activity bus, hotel shuttle, taxi shuttle, prisoner bus, sports team bus, wheelchair bus, and corporate van pool. For longer trips and airport shuttles, we also offer the 15-passenger bus with luggage. The 15-passenger van has no additional room for dedicated luggage space, but 15-passenger minibuses with luggage offer additional rear space for storage, cargo, and luggage in a vehicle that does not require a commercial driver's license to operate.

15 Passenger Van Options

Davey Coach Sales, Inc. offers multiple 15-passenger van seating floor plans, including forward-facing seats and perimeter or aisle-facing seats. A 15-passenger bus can be equipped with a V-8 gasoline engine, a V-10 gasoline engine, or a V-8 diesel engine. Most of our 15-passenger vans for sale are built on Ford E-350, Ford E-450, Chevy 4500, or GMC 4500 Savannah chassis. If you are a bus fleet operator, the 15-passenger coach is the perfect addition to your bus fleet. For a small group or a small executive mini-bus, with its maneuverable chassis and compact exterior, you can't beat a Davey Coach non-CDL bus. Less fuel consumption, less cleaning, and easier storage are only a few reasons why a 15-passenger shuttle can enhance your fleet for your lighter-use opportunities. A new fifteen passenger bus carries the same manufacturer warranty as would a larger bus from the same bus manufacturer. Davey Coach also offers used 15-passenger buses for sale. We have low mileage used buses in stock and late model year used buses in stock, ready to deliver. If you are in the market for a used 15-passenger bus, ask your Davey Coach Sales representative what pre-owned vehicles may become available soon.

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