Used Buses for Sale

Davey Coach has an extensive inventory of used buses for sale. We take pride in selling used shuttle buses and coach buses that have been detailed and inspected both cosmetically and mechanically through our state-of-the-art service center and detail shop. Whether you are looking for a used shuttle bus for sale or a used coach for sale, we offer used buses for sale that have a variety of features, mileages, and specifications to choose from. While serving Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana and Idaho, a used bus from Davey Coach can be an important asset to you and your organization, and Davey Coach Bus Sales makes sure that our used buses are clean, safe, mechanically sound, and ready to put to work!

We take pride in offering buses for sale that have been used but are still ready for use in any fleet or application. We have many buses for sale in good condition and pre-owned shuttle buses and coach buses for sale that can provide valuable transportation service. We carry an inventory of used shuttle buses for sale as well as used paratransit buses for sale. Additionally we have many used school buses for sale or used specialty buses for sale.

Not only does Davey Coach sell used buses and coaches, we service any shuttle or used bus that may have need. We can also upgrade any used bus sold with the latest equipment or other modifications and upgrades you may have need of, turning your used bus into an upgraded modern transport vehicle! Upgrading used buses is a Davey Coach specialty, and we strive to help our customers by finding or creating the perfect used bus for their specific and unique needs, regardless of application. Feel free to contact us using the form provided for more information on used buses for sale or questions on buying a used bus. We can help answer your questions and provide you with more valuable information on used bus sales and more.