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Dear Josh and the team at Davey Coach,

I just want to say thank you for such a great experience purchasing our church bus. We shopped around and feel that the people at Davey Coach went the extra mile to give us great service and selection. Josh was very knowledgeable of the products and was able to help us make an educated decision as to which bus to purchase. Josh has gone above and beyond by making himself available after hours and dropping everything to help us in last minute situations. Davey Coach has stood behind their product, doing extra repairs and taking care of the details beforehand. Their customer service shines in all aspects of their business - sales, service and rental - we've experienced the best in each area. As the needs arise to purchase or lease another bus, we'll definitely return to Davey Coach. Our experience with them has exceeded expectations. We feel like part of the family.

- Jon, CO

Crosspoint Kinetics Hybrid Van & Bus Brake Systems

Crosspoint Kinetics is an innovative automotive research and manufacturing company working on producing products that capture, conserve and reuse energy. Their inspiring innovation, the Kinetics Hybrid bolts on to transform buses and other vehicles into fuel saving and cost saving "green machines." Crosspoint Kinetics Hybrids can save 25-30% more fuel and reduce pollution as they operate. 

The Kinetics Hybrid works using regenerative braking assists to help in slowing vehicles from 35 m.p.h. to fully stopped. The Kinetics motor engages on the driveline to help take the pressure off the vehicle's brakes and steadily build torque in the hybrid motor. Instead of losing braking energy to heat, the Kinetics Hybrid stores this energy in the ultracapacitors, which is released during vehicle launch for a boost you can feel as well as a measurable reduction in fuel usage and emissions produced.

To learn more about the Crosspoint Kinetics Kinetics Hybrid, talk to one of our friendly staff today!