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New England Wheels

New England Wheels is a manufacturer of commercial passenger and ADA wheelchair accessible low floor mini-buses. Born from the vision that transportation in the cutaway size class should be better in every way, New England Wheels created the Frontrunner that sets the new standard for fuel economy, convenience, safety, durability and passenger comfort.

The New England Wheels Frontrunner

Single step curb height entrance to a true flat floor, the low floor Frontrunner challenges decades old norms about how cutaway sized mini-buses should be designed, engineered and built. Embracing the latest in high-strength steel alloy, composite materials in its patented body structure, a waterproof sub-floor, industry leading door opening width, vertically stowed ramp (manual or electric) with the lowest ramp angle in the industry, and a unique purpose-built lower chassis, the Frontrunner® is the most technologically advanced purpose-built low floor mini-bus available today.

Its unprecedented score of 91% for Altoona pass/fail durability test sets a new standard for buses. With more than double the fuel economy of similarly sized buses with a large V8 engine, the Frontrunner is a much ‘greener’ alternative to conventional internal combustion engines.

The Frontrunner meets all applicable FMVSS standards and is fully Buy America compliant.

The Frontrunner is a non-CDL design. With seating for up to 3 ADA compliant wheelchair positions and up to 15 passengers, the Frontrunner provides numerous seating options utilizing both forward facing 3 point Go-Es Freedman seats along with Freedman side facing Bantam seats in the wheelchair positions. The Bantam seats maintain the flexibility of a traditional foldaway seat in the wheelchair positions without taking up valuable floor space maintaining flexibility and maneuverability for all.

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*Non-CDL for most states except California. Check your local laws.