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Turtle Top

Turtle Top is a leading manufacturer of small to mid-sized buses and built on Ford, Chevrolet and Freightliner chassis. Since 1962, what began with the building of recreational vehicles has grown into a reputable provider of a variety of passenger transportation solutions service a variety of niche markets across North America and beyond. From public transit (governmental and non-governmental) to travel, tourism and parking operations to colleges, universities and schools to the ever-growing assisted living, senior residential and healthcare markets.

Headquartered in New Paris, Indiana, the Turtle Top has grown into a leading, premier coach and mini-bus supplier. Known for it’s “turtle top” raised roof design, their continuous improvement and innovation of design and build processes help keep Turtle Top a top pick among bus buyers and drivers.

Turtle Top builds buses with safety and quality as their priority and are known for delivering the finest quality product to the bus and coach industry. While always aiming to exceed environmental concerns and needs, Turtle Top buses offer a range of fuel options from gas to CNG/LPG and fully electric upfitting. Whatever efficiencies are needed in your region for environmental, we have you covered.

Turtle Top Model Line Up

Turtle Top VanTerra – With a foundation of 15-passenger conversion mini-bus, these models offer substantial improvements in comfort and safety versus a traditional multi-passenger van. The VanTerra is the next evolution of popular Turtle Top design with enhanced technology and innovation. Constructed on the Ford E-350 cutaway powertrain with either single or dual rear wheels, the VanTerra offers multiple floor lengths that service a range of configurations from paratransit to everyday transit to luxury options.

This model includes true five-sided steel cage structure that sets the standard of safety in the mini-bus market segment. Featuring the notable ‘turtle top’ passenger view window, along with streamlined aerodynamic exterior, vast selection of passenger seating packages and sophisticated lighting packages, you can customize this bus to fit any exacting specification. Occupant counts from 1 to 18 are available with ample seating comfort make the VanTerra truly in a class all its own.

Turtle Top Terra Transit – The Terra Transit shuttle bus in an economical complement to Turtle Top’s mid-size fleet and is available on the following chassis:

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford E350, E450, F550 & F600
  • Chevy 3500 & 4500
  • Freightliner S2C

The Terra Transit offers a variety of seeing capacities for all non-CDL applications and up to 39 passengers, ALL while maintaining Turtle Tops renowned safety standards found in all models. This is a great option for any customer need and comes packed with numerous standard features and endless options. With many floor plans, virtually any configuration can be achieved!

Turtle Top Odyssey – The Odyssey family of buses provides a first-class travel experience for up to 25 occupants. Build on the Ford E Series cutaway chassis, this top-of-the-line shuttle bus exudes innovation, safety, styling and quality. The Odyssey bus is a legacy model from Turtle Top and features the five-sided steel cage for optimal safety and passenger protection. With a 5-year/100,000 structural warranty, Odyssey owners can enjoy a care-free shuttle bus ownership experience.

Turtle Top Odyssey XL – For the utmost in comfort, design, and renowned Turtle Top safety features, the Odyssey XL is one of the finest of medium to large passenger capacity coaches. Available on the Freightliner FM2 or Ford F-550/600 medium-duty performance chassis, the Odyssey XL is ideal for cross-country touring companies, large sports teams and professional groups, assisted and senior residential living communities, colleges/universities, public transit and more! A best-in-class touring vehicle that has the duty cycle and safety for attractive transportation up to 41 passengers.

Custom Luxury Buses & Coaches – Turtle Top is a known leader and innovator of the luxury shuttle bus and coach market, producing and customizing limousine-style coaches and luxury passenger transportation that allows limousine operators, luxury tour operators, executive level transport and high-end hospitality and lodging. Davey Coach offers the ultimate in designing and building the exclusive luxury coach you need for your unique and exclusive passenger

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