3 Point Seats

As with any industry, the specialized motor vehicle transportation industry aka “The Bus Business” is under a constant state of evolution. Passenger securement methods have been under a lot of recent scrutiny, even reaching the highest levels of Congress for discussion recently. To date, Federal seat belt requirements mandate that all forward facing passengers have a 3 point securement (shoulder across the chest and waist) vs. simply having 3 point seats for only the passengers seated against the wall (outbound seats) and aisle passenger being provided a standard lap belt. This was a recent change for 2010 that went into effect for all vehicles under a total gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 lbs. Over 10,000 lb. GVWR had no seat belt requirement, as even a standard lap belt was considered optional.

The debate has centered around larger vehicles and is as a result of more passenger bus accidents being in the news recently. Unsecured passengers leads to ejected passengers, and the results have been tragic. The target weight requirement for a 3 point enforcement has been set at 26,000 lbs and over. 55 passenger motor coaches fall into this category, as well as most vehicles that would come in over 38 passengers. Motor coach operators have been retro-fitting their older seats with a 3 point retrofit kit, and newer vehicles are ordered in with the correct seats already installed in preparation for the expected legislation. Many operators/owners of vehicles with equipment in the “Gray Area” of 10,000-26,000 lbs GVWR choose to be pro-active and have the proper seats put into their vehicles for added safety and peace of mind, while others do so for insurance company requirements that are being pro-active in their own regard by mandating 3 point seat belts.

Davey Coach Sales Inc. offers several different models of seat with a 3 point seat belt including the Freedman 3 Point Seat, the Torino by Amaya, and the Elite Series by Summit Seating. These seats are available for every model of vehicle that Davey Coach Sales Inc. offers for sale.