Airport Shuttle Buses for Sale

Airports can be a chaotic place to be travelling through but even more so they are places that are stressful to work at. Airport shuttles have a large responsibility of staying on track, on schedule, and getting people from one area to the terminal for their flight. Airport operators have a variety of needs when searching for the right airport bus for sale. From transporting large numbers of people to ensuring that cost effective procedures are in place within airport transportation operations, we have you covered. Davey Coach stocks vehicles that can quickly be converted to the perfect airport shuttle for sale to fit the structure of your operation. From non-CDL-required 15-passenger mini-buses to 49-passenger transit-equipped coaches, we can create a fleet from virtually any combination of our stock of airport buses for sale. Our whole team has the goal of consistently going the extra mile in our industry and we want to help you and your organization find the perfect bus or shuttle for your business needs.

Airport Buses for Sale

Whether your needs are on-airport shuttles for sale, off-airport parking operations, terminal to terminal transportation, or employee transportation, Davey Coach has the appropriate vehicle and features to fit your needs. With features like interior luggage racks, perimeter aisle-facing seating, rear luggage compartments, dual passenger entrance doors, standee handrails, and wheelchair accessible lifts, ramps, and securement locations. Look at our inventory and let us know how we can perfectly equip a Davey Coach bus for your airport transit operation.

As a company, you may be looking for brand new airport shuttles for sale or you may want to save in that area of spending and used airport shuttle buses may fit your needs better. Davey Coach will supply you with the exact bus that you need, whether it is a custom-built vehicle to add to your fleet or one that has been around that needs revamped, we can develop a quick solution for your needs. Both new and used buses offer different benefits and either route you go with Davey Coach you will be getting great, quality products. For further details on all types of airport buses for sale, contact us at any point as we would love to help you in the process of buying your next airport shuttle or bus. You are our number one priority and we look forward to gaining you as a loyal client.