Top 5 Things to Look for When Buying a New Bus

Vehicle Maintenance

Buying a new bus is a big commitment. Usually a long-term purchase for an intended purpose, knowing what to look for can make the difference between a good or bad investment. Whether you are looking for luxury transportation or a school bus, there are a lot of factors to consider before making your decision. The following include five key points to address when you start your search.

  1. Maintenance – To ensure reliability, every bus has a maintenance schedule. Know what that schedule is, what it includes, and what the estimated costs are for each tune-up, repair, and adjustment. Knowing how long your bus will be out of commission during these times is also important. In addition to the basics, your bus may be outfitted with amenities that that have their own maintenance criteria. Be sure to ask about those and where they can be serviced.
  2. Amenities – Depending on your needs, a bus can simply be a Point A to Point B people mover with just seats, or it can include a whole lot more. Restrooms, power outlets, WiFi, TVs, refreshment centers, reclining seats, and handicap access are just some things to amenities to look for.
  3. Safety features – Operating a bus is a big responsibility. To ensure the safety of passengers, property, and other drivers, ask about the bus’s safety features. Seat-belts, blind spots, first-aid equipment, fire extinguishers, driver assist functions, cameras, and emergency exits and procedures all make up safety considerations.
  4. Engine type – There are a number of different engine types and sizes available, and technology is raising the bar on what these motors are capable of, made of, and powered on. Make sure you don’t get too much or too little engine for your needs.
  5. Storage Capacity – Having enough storage will reduce hassle in the long run. Being able to stow away and secure luggage and equipment efficiently is important. Learn about the different storage features, locations, and capacities so you and your guests can travel safely and comfortably with all the gear you need.

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