6 Reasons Why A Cheap Bus Isn’t the Best Option

“Purple Unicorn” Bus LogoWe get a lot of calls for the “Purple Unicorn” Bus. The low-mileage, late model bus for less than $10K. People are sometimes looking for their church bus, or a bus for daycare. Some are looking to start a mobile business such as a spa bus or create mobile office so they can work anywhere. Others are looking for a bus to convert into an RV or a home. The problem? Those buses don’t really exist en masse. Sure, you can find the one-off here or there, but most reputable dealers won’t stock and sell cheap buses because they pose a liability and risk, not only for the dealership, but also for the customer.

Here are 6 reasons why cheap isn’t the best option:

Safety. Cheap buses may have been compromised in some way. There may have been an accident or damage that has caused issues with structural integrity. When you purchase a cheap bus from a private seller, you generally purchase it “as-is” which limits the seller’s liability if something should go wrong.

Service Issues. At Davey Coach, we only sell buses that meet our quality expectations. Used buses may require maintenance and repairs specific to the location it comes from. Our service department reconditions buses to the rigorous standards we have set for customer satisfaction.

DOT Inspection. All commercial motor vehicles must undergo annual DOT inspections. A federal DOT inspection is required for all commercial vehicles to ensure that the vehicle, parts, and accessories are safe to use, in good condition and working properly. Every bus for sale at Davey Coach passes your first DOT inspection. We offer subsequent annual inspections in our Service Department. Failing a roadside inspection can result in a fine up to $21,000.

Investment. If you have a subpar bus, the maintenance required to keep it running (and compliant with the Department of Transportation) could become a money-pit. Talk with people who have owned buses to get an idea of what it takes to keep it operational so you aren’t surprised later.

Pinterest Fails. Many of the calls we get are for bus conversions. It’s no wonder, with all the Pinterest ideas for RVs, offices, and even tiny homes. Remember, though, for every Pinterest idea, there are many people who have tried and failed. This is particularly important if you plan for your bus to be operational. Having a beautiful converted bus with a broken engine means you’re going nowhere fast.

Customer Dissatisfaction. At the end of the day, we know our customers are the lifeblood of our business. If we were to sell a bus that didn’t perform to the high expectations we’re known for, our customer may walk away thinking less of our business practices. We spend extra time working with the customer to find a solution for their concerns, which takes time away from helping new customers. In the end, everyone has a sour taste in their mouth. We value the time and trust our customers give Davey Coach Sales and strive to honor the opportunity to meet their expectations.

It’s certainly worth it to find a bus that meets your needs and your budget. However, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for; the cheap bus won’t likely pay off in the end. If you have questions about the kind of bus that’s right for you, call, submit a quote request form, or chat! We’ll talk about your budget, as well as passenger requirements.