Benefits of Driving a “Green” Certified Bus

There are many great reasons to buy a bus, including the convenience of transporting large numbers of people, using a single vehicle instead of multiple vehicles to emit less pollutants into the air we breathe, the ability to customize seating and luggage configurations, reduced fuel consumption, improved passenger comfort, and more, but did you know that buses actually have a positive environmental impact? According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, buses and motor coaches emit significantly less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide than airplanes, trains, boats, and passenger cars, making them vehicles which have a positive environmental impact.

Of the various modes of transportation, passenger vehicles consume the most energy. Since more than one-quarter of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector, making transportation the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States after the electric power sector, you can feel great knowing you are doing something good for the planet when buying a bus for your business or family.


Green Certified Picture

If you are concerned with “going green” and helping the planet, driving a green certified bus can assist with your sustainability initiatives. Davey Coach is a leading expert on environmentally-conscious conversion technologies for medium-duty trucks, vans, and, of course, shuttles and coaches. Did you know that buses emit only 20% as much carbon monoxide per passenger mile as a single-occupant auto? That is a significant reduction in air pollution. Buses also emit only 10% as many hydrocarbons per passenger mile as a single-occupant auto, and only 75% as many nitrogen oxides per passenger mile as a single-occupant auto. Knowing this, it is clear to see that owning a bus is not only a much more efficient way to coordinate and move a group of people, but also to produce much less air pollution per passenger mile when compared to a single person traveling alone in a single-occupant vehicle.

Our vehicles can be converted or built to include all the latest, industry standard, current green technologies, including: The Lightning Hybrids Regenerative Braking System, CNG, Liquid Propane, Bi-Fuel, and Hybrid Electric systems. For more information on buying a green certified bus to take your group of travelers to your destination, or for more information regarding converting your current bus to a more environmentally friendly option, please contact us at (303) 683-9500 or toll free at (800) 873-1856, or email us at, and let Davey Coach be your “go to” transportation source for buses that offer energy efficient, environmentally friendly transportation.