Choosing the Best Bus Manufacturer for Your Business

With so many bus manufacturers building buses in the United States, buyers are sometimes overwhelmed with understanding the differences. It’s easy to relate in our head the level of manufacturing when we think in terms of automobiles, e.g. Kia versus Mercedes. Buses are no different. For the same reason, someone may look to purchase a Kia or a Mercedes, bus buyers have their own reasons to look into buying one manufacturer over another. Certainly, features to compliment every application, special need, look, feel and budget come into play.

Choosing the Best Bus Manufacturer for Your Business

Manufacturers such as Arboc Mobility, Braunability, or Mobility Ventures are great options for wheelchair accessible vehicles. When considering the size of the vehicle in relation to the use (scooting around town or longer trips) a buyer may require advice from a transportation sales coordinator to find the appropriate vehicle. Many times, if not every time, most buses can be customized to allow for wheelchair accessibility and/or ramps or safety features like securement.

Other industries like tours and limo operators may find manufacturers such as KSIR/Elkart Custom Designs, McSweeney Designs or Caleche – the latest convertible bus built on the Mercedes Sprinter, to be a great option. All of these manufacturers produce higher end trims and a level of luxury suited to certain clientele.

More purchasers in the campus, transit, or municipalities may look into buses made by Collins, Goshen or Elkart Coach. These vehicles are all comparable in the price category, however certain bus safety features and materials used may differentiate one from the other. In the end – as with most industries – it may come down to budget.

Saving the best for last – commonly known as the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of the bus industry – is the Turtle Top manufacturer. Although starting at higher price points, these vehicles are unmatched in safety features, both exterior, and interior, and have a multitude of options and sizes to choose from. For many bus buyers with the right budget, this manufacturer builds buses to meet almost any industry requirement. Aside from their noticeable sleek design, the level of detail is sometimes unseen by the passenger or operator until you ride in a different bus and feel and hear the amount of rattling and road noise compared to the Turtle Top.

At the end of the day, the buyer must take all things into consideration when looking to purchase their next bus. Davey Coach has the expertise, industry knowledge, and works with 15 different manufacturers to guide you through your next bus buying experience. Please contact one of our Transportation Sales Consultants today to answer any questions you may have (800) 873-1856, or email us at