Bus Safety Features

One of the great benefits of coming to Davey Coach for your purchases and service needs is their willingness and ability to customize your bus to suit any needs, and that includes enhanced safety features. The confidence of riding around in a big vehicle, like a bus, can come from the fact that its sheer size makes one feel safe. To capitalize on that, Davey Coach prides itself on being a leading bus safety equipment provider and advocate. From the safety specific needs of passengers who need a little extra care, like wheelchair lifts, to safety driving features, like augmented braking systems for mountain driving, Davey Coach makes it happen.

One such braking feature is the KLAM Magnetic Retarder System. This unique system utilizes an electromagnetic rotor that slows the bus without the use of the standard service brakes. When activated, the rotor creates resistance against the drive shaft which slows the bus. Magnetic rotors also offer a brake cruise feature, which automatically controls a vehicle’s speed when going downhill, like a downhill cruise control. Controlling downhill speed and preserving standard braking systems are valuable safety considerations when driving in mountainous environments. The benefits also extend to heavy stop and go driving situations.

For wheelchair-bound passengers, not only are custom designed wheelchair lifts available, but mounting and locking systems for wheelchairs to prevent movement in transit can be installed, adding an additional layer of safety on top of a wheelchair’s own standard brakes.

An impressive safety feature that is great for any bus that drives in winter conditions is the automatic tire chain deployment system. The vehicle operator can simply flip a switch and get the traction of conventional snow chains without the need to stop the vehicle in snowy and icy road conditions. The obvious benefit of snow chains in winter conditions is clear, with automatically deployed chains, an added safety benefit to the operator is included. Not having to pull to the shoulder and attempt to install chains on the wheels next to a busy road in adverse weather conditions protects the operator.

Bus Tire Chains

Davey Coach also offers 4×4 conversions for buses. For vehicles that operate in hazardous environments and in adverse weather conditions, the added safety of four-wheel drive through improved control and mobility is a comfort when needed.

Other safety features available range from seat belts to antimicrobial vinyl surfaces and flooring, which also adds another level of cleanliness to your bus interior. Crash avoidance technology, speed governors, systems that prevent doors from opening when the bus is in motion, and keep the bus from moving until all doors are closed, and improved stability systems can be added to any bus to improve overall vehicle and passenger safety.

For more information on enhanced safety features available or questions about adding a custom safety feature, call Davey Coach today at (800) 873-1856.