How to Choose the Right Bus Size for Your Business

Adding a new bus to your fleet is an important business decision that involves careful consideration, especially when it comes to choosing the size of the bus for your operation.

Your bus’s seating capacity has a direct impact on your company’s revenues, which is why determining what size bus you need to be profitable is a key factor. Choosing a bus that is too large for your services will leave you with extra, unfilled seats. If you choose a bus that is too small, you risk losing out on customers and business that you may have been able to accommodate with a bigger bus.

To help determine what size bus you should choose, research the market your company is operating in. Some things to consider when conducting market research is the size of the city you are working in. Narrowing down potential customers, taking into consideration competitors, and determining the frequency of runs and opportunity for future business all matter when looking at factors to help you make a decision on what size bus your company needs.

Other things to look at are the number of attractions and commonly used areas your city may have. Airports, conference centers, hotels, schools, hospitals and public attractions like museums, zoos, and amusement parks are destination locations that offer high traffic and the opportunity to provide a transit service.

In addition to researching your market and gauging interest and need, another factor to determining what size bus to purchase involves what your company’s growth rate is. If you anticipate regular and steady growth, buying a bus that can accommodate that future business should be considered. If business is strong, and the future demand for your services seems to be on the horizon, having the capability to manage that future need can be good for business in the long run. When looking at this factor, the key is knowing what the need will be so as not to over-anticipate business and buy a larger bus than is needed, or conversely, be in a position where you do not have enough seats to meet customer demand.

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