Choosing the Right Bus Seating Capacity for Your Needs

A time may come when you’ll need to buy a bus to help accommodate a business you’re running. For instance, running a transportation business or even a tour company is going to require finding a bus with the right amenities and seating capabilities. In the case of a business like yours, you’ll want to find a bus offering enough seating capacity for your customers. How do you determine that, and what features should you look for to make the right purchase?

At Davey Coach Sales, we can help. We offer new and used buses for sale, all of which can be customized to help create enough seating and features you need to keep your passengers comfortable and safe.

How Many Passengers Do You Plan to Transport Per Day?

To find a bus fitting your seating capacity needs, you’ll need to estimate how many people you’ll be transporting on the average day. If you’re a transport business, you’ll want as much seating as possible so you can transport more people per trip.

You may need different seating configurations, depending on if you’re transporting elders or children. In these cases, it may require specific seating placement (such as perimeter seating), and/or wheelchair access.

Looking for a bus for a ski area, hospital, church, or casino? Our consultants at Davey Coach can take the bus you want and customize it to your needs, while ensuring that you will have the proper capacity for any purpose.

Choosing the Right Bus Seating Capacity for Your Needs

Finding a Bus for Transporting Seniors

A common use for buses is transporting seniors who live in retirement communities for general purposes, or for special events. Because some seniors have mobility considerations, you’ll need a bus with ADA-approved wheelchair lifts. In fact, even if you don’t normally transport seniors, having a wheelchair lift is essential for a general transport business.

Throughout our inventory, you’ll find buses with a seating capacity from 5 to 51 passengers. This wide range allows you to transport any size group of seniors when they need a bus for a road excursion. We even offer charter buses with ADA compliant wheelchair lifts.

Finding a Bus for Transporting Children

There are many instances where you may need to transport a group of children to a unique destination. Whether you need large-group transportation for your church community or sports program, Davey Coach has small or large buses for sale. You may be considering a bus transport service for children, if your area doesn’t have enough buses to take them to local schools. In any case, you’ll want to make sure you know what your seating capacity is. Don’t spend extra dollars on a bus with 50 seats when you may only need to accommodate half of that on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that a transport bus designed for children may have fewer upgrades than those designed for executive transport. Regardless, we can offer solutions if the children you transport need special upgrades. For example, we can add special storage options if traveling longer distances or for multiple days.

Getting Help to Find the Bus You Need

We know your time is valuable and you can’t always take the time to search each company for a bus in person. If you know what your seating capacity needs are, we’re available by phone or email to help you find a suitable bus. Through our contact form, you can also supply us with what your needs are and our knowledgeable staff will take the information you provide and find the perfect bus for your needs.

With different floor plans and seating arrangements, there isn’t any transport industry we can’t accommodate. Our online search feature is easy to use to find the right bus based on your search criteria.

Visit us at Davey Coach Sales to see why the Davey Difference is over 20 years experience in providing quality buses for our customers.