Davey Coach Drives Awareness with Casting For Recovery

Colorado is home to some of the best Fly Fishing in the United States. So, it only makes sense to support a great cause like Casting For Recovery in Colorado. Davey Coach is proud to be a part of such a terrific organization that sets out to enhance the quality of life for women fighting and surviving breast cancer. One of our Transportation Specialists, Comer Hobbs, has been working with Casting For Recovery taking women on guided retreats for a number of years and has brought with him a passion for fly fishing and helping others.

“Seeing these women’s faces light up when they catch a fish never gets old. It’s one of the most powerful moments you could ever witness.” says Hobbs, after his latest retreat. Casting For Recovery’s mission is to combine breast cancer education and peer support with the tranquil, therapeutic sport of fly fishing. With chapters all over the country, Casting For Recovery in Colorado was established in 2003 with two retreats a year.

Now with over 400 women having attended one of 29 retreats in Colorado, the Casting For Recovery mission is well established. And as 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in the U.S – equaling one woman every 2 minutes – the unfortunate truth is causes like this will become even more valuable to the many woman battling this unrelenting disease.


Mr. Hobbs, along with Colorado program coordinators, Peggy Stevinson and Marlene Collins devote their time to ensure women in Colorado are taken out of the clinical setting and into nature where they can relax, share experiences with other survivors and enjoy the tranquility of fly fishing. These retreats include counseling and medical education at no cost to the participants. Please contact Peggy or Marlene about donations and/or participating at 303-761-3095 or email at coloradocastingforrecovery@gmail.com.

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