Davey Coach Receives 2021 #1 Volume Dealer of the Year Award

Davey Coach Sales Receives 2021 #1 Volume Dealer of the Year Award

Davey Coach Sales was recognized by L.A. West Coaches with the prestigious 2021 #1 Volume Dealer Award!  The partnership between L.A. West Coaches and Davey Coach Sales has continued to strengthen in recent years and both companies are proud to be a premier supplier of luxury coaches to distinctive markets and buyers.  This achievement showcases the dedication and focus that Davey Coach has for each of their customers, vendors and the transportation industry.

Josh Davey, VP Sales & Marketing, credits the strong relationship with L.A. West combined with the focus from Davey Coach Team for this truly outstanding achievement.  He stated, “This is a fantastic accomplishment and testimony of a mutual and collaborative team effort. Thank you L.A. West Coach, Vern Kauffman and the L.A. West team! We look forward to many more years of building the luxury coach market together.”

Vern Kauffman, President & CEO of L.A. West Coaches also commented, “We value the commitment, and dedication of resources that Davey Coach Sales has put into becoming a great brand ambassador and business partner with L.A. West Luxury Coaches over the years. Our continued growth and market penetration depends on Dealers like Davey Coach Sales.”

Starting in 1992 with just a few employees, Tom Davey, began his journey to build a premier leading bus dealership.  Since then, Davey Coach as grown into a leading North American bus dealer with multiple divisions including Cornerstone Bus Leasing & Rentals and Big Picture Graphics vehicle wraps – a full-service bumper-to-bumper, coast-to-coast business that is known for their unique approach to customer experience and satisfaction.

Congratulations Davey Coach  Team!!!

About Davey Coach Sales
Davey Coach Sales, Inc., headquartered outside Denver, CO, is a leading dealer of mid-sized shuttle and passenger buses across North America. Since 1992, Davey Coach has grown to represents more than a dozen bus manufacturers and serves diverse end-markets including senior care/nursing facilities, transportation and tour companies, lodging & resorts, parking operations and governmental entities throughout the Western US and mountains. Davey Coach is a portfolio company of Progress Equity Partners. For more information regarding Davey Coach – www.daveycoach.com.

About L.A. West Coaches
L.A. West is a definitive world leader in lifestyle enhanced luxury coach design and haute couture automotive excellence for people in the know. With over three decades of successful engagement in 2nd stage automotive manufacturing; strategic alliances with top tier OEMs like Mercedes-Benz, GM, and Ford; and over 100,000+ vehicles delivered to satisfied customers all across the globe, L.A. West is well acquainted with what it takes to excel in the competitive luxury automotive industry.  www.lawestcoaches.com