Finding the Perfect Fleet for Assisted Living Facilities

Finding the right bus or passenger van to accommodate the travel needs of those in assisted living facilities requires the resources and expertise of a provider who is familiar with those specific needs. Davey Coach has worked with many assisted living facilities and retirement homes and understands the need for specialty vehicles and their special provisions to keep elderly and handicap passengers safe and comfortable from the moment they enter a vehicle to the time they exit it.

Finding the Perfect Fleet for Assisted Living Facilities

Protecting passengers from falls and stumbles during entry, exit, and while positioning for seating and getting up is extremely important. It is critical that those passengers who need assistance have all the accommodations possible to make movement safe and easy for them. With a specialty vehicle outfitted to accommodate those with mobility restrictions, falls can be prevented. Lowered floors, lifts and ramps for wheelchairs, extra lighting, and extra handrails go a long way in helping make travel easier and safer for those in need of additional assistance.

Davey Coach stocks both new and used buses, passenger vans, and shuttles that are built to accommodate those with extra mobility needs and special considerations. Some of the features of these vehicles include:

  1. Wheelchair lifts
  2. Wheelchair ramps
  3. Wheelchair securement belts
  4. Lowered floors for easy access
  5. Lighted step wells
  6. Extra lighting
  7. Extra handrails
  8. Germicidal Nanocide vinyl interiors
  9. Germ resistant Altro flooring

Davey Coach can help you add to or build a fleet of vehicles for your assisted living facility or retirement home with ADA compliant specialty vans and vehicles that can accommodate just a handful of passengers or transport a larger group. We have special handicap passenger vans that seat four to five passengers, including one or two wheelchair positions, for smaller groups. Additionally, we have larger vehicles that can accommodate 12 ambulatory passengers and two wheelchair-bound passengers (our 12 + 2 specialty passenger vans). We are ready and able to provide you the right transportation solution for your assisted living facility and retirement home.

For more information on the different specialty vehicles available to help you transport assisted living and retirement home passengers, call Davey Coach today at (800) 873-1856. Let us get you the right vehicle with the necessary options to keep your passengers safe and comfortable.