Mobile Bus Service Repair in Colorado

Davey Coach recently launched our Mobile Bus Repair service. This is a pretty exciting addition to our organization, as well as our customers along the front range area, and we wanted to show some of the biggest and most popular requested services , as far as what this thing can do for us in the field.¬†Generally speaking, it’s things that the mechanic that’s changing your oil or rotating your tires every 3 months may not know how to do. These are specialty services.

So, for example, we can send this thing out to your yard, your community, or your location and do a DOT inspection on site for you. This is something that’s required annually, if you don’t get it done, it is up to $35,000 in fines. Granted, you’d have to have a lot of flagrant offenses, but at minimum, the vehicle is going to get put off the road and it’s going to cost you a lot more than it would to just have us come out and do it for you, annually (which is what you’re supposed to be doing, and again, that’s on anything with a weight rating of over 10,000 lbs, which is almost every bus on the road and everything we sell).

We get a lot of calls for this for jump starts and no-starts. Believe it or not, it’s at least half the price (if not more) versus the price of a tow truck. So if you have a tow truck that comes out, picks up your vehicle because it won’t start and brings it somewhere and all they’ve got to do is charge the batteries or give it a jump, it’s going to save you guys hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Wheelchair lift service is also something that we get a lot of requests for.

A/C systems – we’ve got snow on the ground right now, but if you want to keep your bus cold inside when it starts warming up, have our truck come out before you guys crank that air conditioning system on the first time. It’s a lot less money for us to do a preventative maintenance and service your AC system than it is to fix it after you’ve turned it on and maybe the fans along the bottom part of the skirt of the vehicle are seized up and they blow their motors because you haven’t had them serviced yet, versus just having us come out and giving you a quick preventative maintenance inspection before you go to turn that on would be a really great appointment for you.

If you have multiple vehicles on site at your location, it’s a great idea to give us a call. We’re only going to charge a one-time trip charge, but it can take care of servicing multiple vehicles on site for you with that one single trip out there.

We get a lot of calls for entrance door repairs as well. Your whole vehicle goes down at that point and this is something that would definitely put your bus off the road, so if we can get it out there and rescue in the field and get you back up and on the road, you’ve got a winning situation there on your hands as well.

Last one that we really want to touch on that we get a lot of requests for are flat tires. Again, your vehicle is down at that point, so versus having your driver on the side of the road trying to drop the tire from the back end of the bus and jack up the bus with a bunch of occupants on the bus and he’s underneath there doing that – it’s a liability waiting to happen. Give us a call, we’ve got some jack stands we can get out there and get you guys back up on the road.

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