New vs Used Buses – What’s the Best Investment?

When considering a bus purchase, choosing between buying a new bus or a used bus is one of the first questions to ask. There are many factors to consider, ranging from your demographic to budget and everything in between.

If cost isn’t a factor, buying a new bus would seem to be the best choice. A new bus offers a fresh and untarnished interior and drivetrain. Passengers will be treated to that “new car” feel on a new bus, which can increase customer satisfaction. While the upfront cost is more, unexpected repairs and maintenance costs are significantly less, as the need for such is uncommon with a new bus. This fact alone is an important one, as new buses have less down time for repairs and maintenance and are able to be put to use much more quickly.

Built in amenities like custom lighting or a wet bar are features which are easier to get when you buy a new bus than when buying a used one and sending it out to have those installed later. Custom amenities in a new bus are ready to be put to use and available to passengers right from the start.

New vs Used Bus Sales

A well-maintained used bus can also be a good investment for companies considering a bus purchase. The upfront cost is less, and if taken care of by adhering to the bus’s maintenance schedule and keeping it in tip-top condition, many miles of revenue-generating business can be gained from a used bus. With a used bus, be sure to know the vehicle’s history! Davey Coach works to provide all past information about any used bus that we are selling so you don’t have to worry about anything.

A few questions to ask when deciding on a new or used bus for sale:

  1. What is the intended use for the bus? Will it be used for luxury trips, airport transfers, or are you adding the bus to your fleet of existing buses? All important questions to consider before deciding.
  2. Can I afford a little down-time? Do I need a bus that is ready to go off the lot, or can I incur lower up-front costs, but maybe have the bus in the shop for a little bit of time to ensure it is properly maintained and ready to transport people safely?
  3. How long do I need this bus to last? Do I intend to add this bus to my fleet and use it for years to come? A new bus would be the right fit in this instance. Or, do you just need a bus for a short period to travel around town? A used bus is perfect for this need!
  4. Do I want some added, built in amenities? Or will I custom build these amenities into a bus at a later time?

While both new and used buses offer benefits, the best investment in a bus is one that fits your budget and delivers the services you seek to offer to your passengers. For further information on purchasing a coach, shuttle bus, or passenger van for your business, or for service and repair on your bus, call Davey Coach today at (800) 873-1856. We can help get you into the right bus and keep your business vibrant and profitable.