Special Features to Add to Your New or Used Bus

When it’s time to purchase your new or used bus, knowing some of the special features to add to your vehicle can really open up the doors (pun intended) to what’s possible.

Special Features to Add to Your New or Used Bus

1. Bus Driveline Braking Systems

A unique combination of function, value, and safety, driveline braking systems use the resistance against the vehicle’s drive shaft to augment or in some instances even replace the braking during operation. One system Davey Coach utilizes is made by Telma, known for Bus ‘Friction Free Efficiency’.

2. Bus Safety Equipment

Whether you’re seeking a clean bus interior (nanocide antimicrobial vinyl and flooring) or automatic tire chains like OnSpot’s system, buses can be built to reflect safety concerns of practically any environment. Be sure to request what necessary safety equipment may be available for your bus application.

3. Wheelchair and Cargo Lifts and Ramps

Not to be overlooked, one of the most requested features to add to your new or used bus are wheelchair or cargo lifts and ramps. You see them in many industries, from transit and assisted living centers or hospitals to colleges and universities. These features require special consideration, however, as the door opening sizes, load capacity requirements, and safety features are all important to take into account. Please ask your dealer representative to explain these considerations in detail to ensure you’re receiving all the necessary information required.

4. Bus Air Conditioners

Let me just say to start out – not all air conditioning systems are created equal. One of the most important features of your new or used bus is the air conditioning system. Depending on your climate, if this system fails your passengers will suffer – and potentially so will your business.

5. 4×4 Bus and Vans

Not widely known, is the potential to convert your vehicle with a four-wheel drive system. Many ski operators, outdoor adventure outfitters, or just businesses functioning in less than ideal conditions can thrive with the addition of a 4×4 package to your new bus or van.

6. Bus Seating

More than just how comfortable a seat is or how it looks or how safe they are, many people don’t realize just how customized bus seating can become. Differences can range from all forward-facing seating, to all perimeter or lounge seating, and anywhere in between. Seats can be configured in almost any manner – if you can dream it, Davey Coach can most likely build it.

7. Green Conversions for Shuttle Buses and Vans

For the environmentally conscious, buses and vans now can include the technology to be converted or built to include the most industry-standard current green systems. Whether it’s the Lightning Hybrids Regenerative Breaking system, Liquid Propane, Bi-Fuel, or Hybrid Electric Systems, there are now a myriad of options to choose from to keep your new or used bus green.

8. Suspension Enhancement Systems

Suspension enhancement systems, typically used in the transit industry, have found their way to the minibus and shuttle industries. This has led to a large array of new services and products from chassis wheelbase alterations, battery trays, oxygen tank holders, wheel chair doors and low floor chassis – the newest and most recent addition to the transit offerings.

This list just scratches the surface of what’s possible. With so many options and features to customize a new or used bus to fit your needs, your best bet is to lean heavily on an educated expert in the industry. At Davey Coach, we pride ourselves on having almost 100 years of combined experience in the transportation field, and maintain ongoing education from our manufacturers regularly to offer you the most up-to-date information possible. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of our knowledgeable sales staff at (800) 873-1856 or email us at info@daveycoach.com.