Thanksgiving Traditions Continue at Davey Coach

Giving Thanks is Not Lost on Davey Coach Staff


Thanksgiving week is upon us, and that means it will soon be time to gather with family and friends, watch football and enjoy delicious meals. Of course, Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect on what we are grateful for and give thanks to everyone in our lives. For Tom Davey and his wife Jackie, this includes all of the people that help make ‘The Coach’ such an amazing place to work.

As Mr. Davey does every year, he and Jackie display their thanks by giving a turkey or ham to each and every employee. It’s become such a tradition, that the employee at store where they place their order, knew immediately when Tom showed up and said he’d placed an order over a week ago. Greeted with, “Oh, Davey Coach, right?”, Tom was surprised and pleased this gesture was remembered each year. Though, unexpected, Tom was surprised the gentleman knew it had become a tradition, and it remembered from previous years. It was not lost, however, on both Tom and the employee that this gesture was not as widely practiced as one might think. The young man commented not too many business were still doing this for their employees.

For Tom and Jackie Davey, and for the employees at Davey Coach, it’s about giving thanks to those around you, and showing appreciation to the people that keep the wheels on this bus rolling.

Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!