Turtle Top Unveils new VanTerra at Customer Appreciation Day

Davey Coach Sales unveiled the new 2019 Turtle Top VanTerra bus at our 4th Annual Customer Appreciation Day event. Davey Coach Sales is one of the leading distributors of the Turtle Top brand and welcomed the opportunity to share it with their valued customers.

“The changes they made to this model offer more comfort and convenience for our customers,” said Josh Davey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The new VanTerra offers several upgrades from the original model, which was released 20 years ago. The most noticeable upgrade is the nosecap window. There is added head clearance so standing upright isn’t a challenge for some taller passengers. Turtle Top also provided additional floor length for our single rear wheel model, which allows for extra legroom or daytrip luggage space. The most exciting changes are the ones that aren’t as noticeable, though. Turtle Top has standardized parts for both the single and dual tire model giving them more efficient production to handle increased demand for the iconic product.”

John Walsh, President and COO said, “We are thrilled to showcase the new VanTerra model. Our customers look to Davey Coach Sales to offer them the most value and style for their investment. The upgrades and changes made to this model are exactly what our customers are interested in, so we appreciate that Turtle Top has combined feedback from customers and dealers with the newest technology in the industry to offer another great bus.”