When is it Time to Buy a Specialty Vehicle?

One of the many considerations when looking to buy your next shuttle bus or minibus, is who will be riding in this vehicle. Understanding the different shuttle buses that are available will help you determine which would be best for you. A great advantage to these buses is their ability to customize to any configuration you may need. This includes the needs for a specialty vehicle.

When is it time to buy a Specialty Vehicle

If your situation calls for a shuttle bus to accommodate persons with special needs such as a medical transport bus, senior center bus, adult day care bus, medical transport shuttle, senior center shuttle, adult day care shuttle, medical transport van, senior center van, adult day care van, and more, then you must consider shuttle buses equipped with wheelchair lifts. These buses are necessities at assisted living facilities, independent living residences and better nursing homes. Used ones from these sources often have low mileage but require substantial reconditioning.

The type of seating that you get in your bus is also very important, and the two basic choices that you have are cloth seating and vinyl seating. Cloth seating is preferred by most because it is more comfortable, as smooth seating has a lower friction coefficient, which means that the passengers are more likely to slide off the seats if there is a sudden shift in bus momentum. Vinyl seating is preferable for senior citizens because it cleans up easier and does not retain odors to the same extent as cloth seating.

Special Considerations to include:

  • Unique interior options such as non-skid flooring to provide more grip and anti-microbial seat covers for added protection.
  • Wheelchair and mobility access via low-floor ramps and/or dedicated lifts.
  • Customizable floor plans to accommodate more passengers or special medical equipment needs.
  • A durable design for a longer-lasting bus lifecycle.

All of this information is important to take into consideration before buying a bus. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of our knowledgeable sales staff at (800) 873-1856 or email us at info@daveycoach.com.