Who Should Buy A New or Used Bus?

Who Should By a Bus

Within every industry there is an organization that can benefit from the convenience of owning a bus. With four standard sizes and an infinite number of configurations, a bus can be set up anyway you want to accommodate your goals and comfortably accommodate your passengers.

Standard bus sizes:

• 1 to 15 passengers
• 16 to 29 passengers
• 30 to 47 passengers
• 47 passengers and more

Of course it makes sense for tour and charter companies and airports and airport shuttle companies to buy buses, but with so many configurations available and the ability to customize the vehicles, virtually every industry can find value in bus ownership.

Best Fit Industries

Hotels and other hospitality related companies that have buses and shuttles available to their clients and guests provide that extra bit of convenience and personalized service that many appreciate. Further, such a convenience may make the difference between booking with one hotel over another that doesn’t provide the service.

Assisted living homes, care facilities, and retirement homes can also find great value in bus ownership. Because their clients often have special needs, these companies can customize buses to comfortably and safely load and transport their passengers.

Limousine and chauffer services can provide VIP entertainment vehicles for both large and small groups alike. Such clientele may even prefer a limousine bus over standard limo sedan due to the extra space and comfort afforded in a standup configuration.

Universities, colleges, casinos, governments, municipalities, clubs, and even large families are other demographics that can put a bus (mini, shuttle, mid-sized, large, and coach) to good use. Our buses for sale are perfect for virtually any industry, offering that final touch to your customer’s experience.

Many misconceptions are that you have to buy your fleet, or single bus, brand new. Davey Coach also offers used buses for sale to help fit within your budget. New or used, we have the perfect option to fit your needs.

Safe, convenient, comfortable, and practical, if you’re thinking about bus ownership, contact Davey Coach today and let us help you find the right size and type for your organization or company. (800) 873-1856.