Davey Coach Receives 2021 #1 Volume Dealer of the Year Award

Davey Coach Sales Receives 2021 #1 Volume Dealer of the Year Award Davey Coach Sales was recognized by L.A. West Coaches with the prestigious 2021 #1 Volume Dealer Award!  The partnership between L.A. West Coaches and Davey Coach Sales has continued to strengthen in recent years and both companies are proud to be a premier supplier of ... More

Emmitt Chitwood, Sales Consultant

Davey Coach Adds Sales Expertise to California Operation

Emmitt Chitwood joins the growing bus operation Davey Coach Sales LLC has added additional sales expertise to their growing California operation.  With nearly a decade of experience, Emmitt Chitwood joins the team, creating additional resource and customer relationship expertise to continue building the Davey Coach footprint along the ... More

Leadership Changes Focus on Progress as Bus Industry Recovers from the Pandemic

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES AIM FOR FOCUSED PROGRESS Leadership updates for Cornerstone Bus Leasing & Rentals Mark Stenseth, President of Davey Coach Sales LLC, announces the following organizational updates for its affiliate, Cornerstone Bus Leasing & Rentals.  The changes are designed to optimize the history and experience of key ... More

All about DOT Inspections (1)

All about DOT Inspections

If you own a business that’s part of the commercial motor vehicle industry, you need to know what to expect from the Department of Transportation (DOT). When you’re a new entrant, you’ll need to undergo a safety audit so that the DOT can determine that you have an adequate safety plan in place. Safety audits are also important for ... More

Black 4x4 Shuttle Bus by Davey Coach

Tackle any terrain with a 4×4 Shuttle Bus by Davey Coach

Having the right bus in harsh winter or summer climates and mountainous or back country terrains is an important consideration when considering the safety and comfort of your passengers. A 4x4 shuttle bus can make all the difference when facing one of these environments. Being able to successfully navigate such a setting and traveling ... More

Are Luxury Buses a Good Investment 2

When a luxury bus is a good investment

Have you ever traveled on a luxury bus?  If you are in need of executive or discreet and discerning regional and long distance transportation, luxury coaches are a great alternative. Sitting on a spacious bus, enjoying ample legroom, you can eat, drink, use Wi-Fi, and watch satellite TV. A luxury allows business travelers to work while ... More


Why You Should Install Backup Cameras and Alarms on Your Bus

When you look at a bus, compared to a car or even a pickup truck or SUV, you’ll immediately notice what a large vehicle the bus is. Because of that fact, most drivers are pretty good about giving a bus plenty of room. As a bus owner, though, you can’t really count on that. Because people who have never driven a bus may not realize what a ... More

Tax Deduction Ahead: Section 179 for Bus Purchases in 2021

Your business may be able to take advantage of Section 179 for passenger bus purchases. Simply put, Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code allows a business to deduct all or part of qualifying capital purchase acquired during the tax year. This incentive, created by the U.S. Federal government, encourages businesses to buy equip ment ... More

What does a California 45 Day Inspection Look For (1)

What does a California 45 Day Inspection Look For?

Following an unfortunate accident with a gambling tour bus that caused the loss of 22 senior citizens in 1986, California lawmakers took action. In 1987, regulations were enacted to require tour buses to undergo inspections every 45 days. So, what’s involved in a 45 day inspection? In addition to routine maintenance, tour buses must be ... More

photo of Michael Maddox, Ben Olszewski, Clayton Weldon - Davey Coach Sales

More talent added to the Davey Coach Team

Davey Coach Sales, Inc. is excited to announce more new additions to our team to respond to resurgent demand and growth in the shuttle and mid-size passenger bus market segment. After establishing a permanent location in California as part of the company’s growth plans, Mark Stenseth, President, has announced the following new appointments ... More