Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bus

Buying a bus is a big undertaking, and one that comes with questions. What should you look for when considering purchasing a bus, especially if it is a used one? What are the benefits of buying new vs used? Will you be using the bus for personal use, occasional use, or as a business? If you are offering bus services, your considerations are ... More

Davey Coach Bus Conversion

The Sky’s The Limit: What Davey Coach Can Do With A Bus Conversion

At Davey Coach Sales, there’s no project too unique for us to take on when it comes to bus conversions! We have a transportation solution for just about any industry or personal need that you can imagine, and if we don’t have it, we can customize a bus until we do. If you want a party bus for 20 people, we can do that. Do you need a ... More

Benefits of Driving a “Green” Certified Bus

There are many great reasons to buy a bus, including the convenience of transporting large numbers of people, using a single vehicle instead of multiple vehicles to emit less pollutants into the air we breathe, the ability to customize seating and luggage configurations, reduced fuel consumption, improved passenger comfort, and more, but did ... More

New vs Used Buses – What’s the Best Investment?

When considering a bus purchase, choosing between buying a new bus or a used bus is one of the first questions to ask. There are many factors to consider, ranging from your demographic to budget and everything in between. If cost isn’t a factor, buying a new bus would seem to be the best choice. A new bus offers a fresh and untarnished ... More

Choosing the Best Bus Manufacturer for Your Business

With so many bus manufacturers building buses in the United States, buyers are sometimes overwhelmed with understanding the differences. It’s easy to relate in our head the level of manufacturing when we think in terms of automobiles, e.g. Kia versus Mercedes. Buses are no different. For the same reason, someone may look to purchase a Kia ... More

Be Prepared With a 4×4 Bus

Having the right bus in harsh climates, mountainous terrains, or during the winter months when snow becomes a factor in travel is an important consideration. A 4x4 bus can make all the difference if facing one of these environments. Being able to successfully navigate such a setting and get from Point A to Point B safely is key when shuttling ... More

5 Tips to Reducing Driver Fatigue

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), driver fatigue is a primary cause of serious transportation accidents throughout the United States, with Chairman Marion Blakey stating "Many times and throughout all modes of transportation, our investigations have found that lost sleep equals lost lives." Blakey noted that proper ... More

Trend Continues – Next Gen Drives Less On Campuses

Higher gas prices, new licensing laws, improvements in technology that support alternative transportation are contributing to young people driving less, as well as changes in this generation’s values and preferences are all factors that will likely have an impact for years to come. Generation Z (or the iGeneration)’s growing ... More

How to Choose the Right Bus Size for Your Business

Adding a new bus to your fleet is an important business decision that involves careful consideration, especially when it comes to choosing the size of the bus for your operation. Your bus’s seating capacity has a direct impact on your company’s revenues, which is why determining what size bus you need to be profitable is a key ... More

Tips on Starting an Airport Shuttle Service

Customers seeking shuttle services typically fall into two categories. Those with airport reservations that want to avoid parking inconveniences, seek scheduled shuttle or van services. Alternately, customers that request to be picked up at their home or office with pre-booked reservations. Many of these shuttle services function within ... More