Bus Leasing Tips – when is Leasing or Renting the right answer for your transportation needs?

If you or your organization need a bus, short-term or longer-term, it may be a bit daunting to consider purchasing a bus. Depending on your transportation needs, a lease or rental bus could be the best solution. Avoiding key aspects of vehicle ownership from sales tax and registration fees to insurance and long-term maintenance, leasing can be a win-win option. Today, nearly one-third of vehicles on the road are leased and not purchased.

The decision to lease or buy depends largely on the purpose and transportation needs. There are a number of reasons to justify leasing as a better option than purchasing a vehicle. It is a viable option for companies not ready to expand their current flee, since it saves them time and money. There are some companies that need vehicles seasonally and buying a new one seems like a bad deal, whereas bus leasing sounds like a wiser alternative. And finally, there are large families and organizations that may need a bus or buses for group programs, extended vacations and summer/winter activities and events.

  • If you only need the bus for a little while, leasing is perfect. Eventually, every bus will need repairs. When that time comes for your bus, you may need a temporary replacement. Whether your bus is in the shop for a few days or a few weeks, leasing a bus gives you the flexibility to continue doing business without missing a beat. Once your repairs are completed, you can just return the vehicle you leased.
  • Experimenting with your business model doesn’t require a permanent addition to the fleet. Some companies maintain a fleet of shuttle buses to transport their employees and clients. If you’re trying out this new idea, leasing allows you to give it a go without making a commitment. Then, too, if you’re considering expanding your business but aren’t sure whether or not it’s the right choice, leasing a bus lets you see whether or not there’s truly a need for another bus.
  • Sometimes, you may not have the budget for a new bus. If you need a new bus but your budget is too tight, leasing can give you time to save. What’s more, by leasing a bus you can determine which features you really like before you make the commitment of buying a bus.
  • Leasing a bus offers many advantages, all on its own. It’s a convenient option, often easier financially and quicker than buying a vehicle. If you want regular upgrades, leasing lets you do that without having to purchase a new bus every time. What’s more, leasing usually comes with a full warranty for the lease period, so if anything goes wrong with the bus, you won’t have to pay for repairs or maintenance. This can be a real boon to your budget. Finally, when you lease a bus, you can try out a newer model without the hefty price tag. You can get a bigger bus with more up to date amenities than your budget would allow you to buy.

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