Why You Should Install Backup Cameras and Alarms on Your Bus

Why You Should Install Backup Cameras And Alarms On Your Bus

When you look at a bus, compared to a car or even a pickup truck or SUV, you’ll immediately notice what a large vehicle the bus is. Because of that fact, most drivers are pretty good about giving a bus plenty of room. As a bus owner, though, you can’t really count on that. Because people who have never driven a bus may not realize what a challenge such a vehicle poses when backing up, It can be a dangerous situation.

In fact, buses backing up have been in a number of accidents over the years. That’s because buses don’t have windows that allow their drivers to see directly behind the bus. Instead, someone driving a bus must rely entirely on side view mirrors to safely maneuver the vehicle. It’s easier said than done, and when buses get into even the smallest accident, the results can be disproportionately disastrous. Buses have been known to cause accidents that result in broken store fronts, damaged goods, smashed cars, and even injured people. Fortunately, there are safeguards a bus company can take to make it easier for their drivers to safely maneuver their buses: backup cameras and alarms.

Backup cameras work by showing drivers what’s behind the bus. A camera captures an image of everything beyond the rear bumper, including things that aren’t easily seen, like small objects, poles in the driver’s blind spot, and pedestrians crossing the street. This image is then projected onto a screen next to the driver, so it’s easy to see what’s back there. The driver can then maneuver the bus backward without danger of getting into an accident or hitting a person.

Of course, even when the driver is aware of what’s behind the bus because of the backup camera, there’s something else for drivers to take into account, and that’s other people. Human error causes many accidents, particularly because sometimes people don’t pay attention to their surroundings. It would be extremely inconvenient for a driver to stop the bus, get off, and let pedestrians know that the bus is about to back up. The next best thing, though, is to install a backup alarm. This is a device that begins sounding an alarm as soon as the vehicle starts moving in reverse. This offers a warning to passersby, and even people who are distracted will be startled into reacting to the sound and moving out of the way.

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