Bus Leasing Tips


Tips to choose the right vehicle that can meet your expectations. Visit Davey Coach Sales or Cornerstone Bus Leasing.

More talent added to the Davey Coach Team


Davey Coach Sales, Inc. is excited to announce more new additions to our team to respond to resurgent demand and growth in the shuttle and mid-size passenger bus market segment.

Davey Coach Adds New Talent


Davey Coach Sales is pleased to announce the addition of key roles within the organization to further support the company’s growth and business expansion in the western US.

How to Start a Bus Tour Business


If you’re thinking of starting a business, a bus tour company is an interesting opportunity. Maybe you’re curious about starting a bus tour business because you’ve enjoyed being a tourist on a bus.

Catalytic Converter Theft


A muffler shop can help weld a rebar cage around the converter, and Tujague explained that a metal cage would deter thieves from sawing.

Davey Coach Receives Turtle Top Service Excellence Award


Davey Coach Sales is your source for bus sales and service. We serve businesses and organizations in California, Colorado and Indiana. Contact us now!

Davey Coach Sales Completes California Acquisition


Davey Coach Sales, a leading dealer and lease fleet provider of shuttle bus sales, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Nations Bus Sales California division, located in greater Los Angeles.

Don’t Miss Our Bus


Davey Coach, our vision statement is “Connecting people to what’s important” and that may be more clear today than it ever has been.

Davey Coach: Coronavirus Update


Bus Leasing and Rentals have taken measures to minimize chances of transmission of the COVID-19 virus between employees, customers, and trading partners, but our intention is to remain open and meet the needs of our customers

Davey Coach Operations and Coronavirus Update


We completely understand travel restrictions and health guidelines related to the Coronavirus impact how and where our customers engage with us.