Bus Ski Racks For Sale

Transportation Fleet Managers and Operators don’t delay any longer.  Now that the snow has arrived- it’s time to accessorize!

Davey coach is here to help with all of your winter needs; Ski/Snowboard Racks for ease of slope side service to your guests, On-Spot Tire Chains for added traction on the icy mountain roads, Blizzak Winter Tires for added driver confidence in everyday winter driving, and Webasto Pre-Heaters for a quicker vehicle warm up on those subzero mornings.

For today’s topic I want to focus on the Ski and Snowboard Racks, as there are several different custom built applications available to meet your needs.  Our most common is the rear mounted ski and snowboard rack:

Ski Rack with Side Buckets

As shown below, the center section has individual slots for skis which are made to accommodate today’s wider skis, the side sections are designed to hold multiple snowboards.

Large Rack on Odyssey2

Or, for the Operators and Resorts who transport their guests from the airport, we also have a rear mounted luggage bin specifically for the ski bags:


This rack is designed to swing open for full access to the rear luggage area through the rear door.  Click this link for a video demonstration:

Swingout Rack Video

Another great application is our Side Mounted Ski and Snowboard Racks:

Side Undermount Rack

These are mounted on the passenger door side of the bus for quick loading and unloading on the ski mountain.  These racks are manufactured out of aluminum and available in several sizes specified by your bus.

The latest innovation here at Davey Coach is an interior mounted ski and snowboard rack which includes a floor tray with drain.  This rack is designed to fit inside a dedicated rear luggage area which your bus may be equipped with.  Drivers love this application as there are not additional obstructions hanging on the outside of the vehicle to account for.


Call today to reserve your Ski/Snowboard Rack!

Davey coach has been a specialist in the bus business since 1992. In addition to a full parts and accessories inventory, Davey Coach carries the largest available inventory of new and pre-owned buses.

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