Davey Coach Attends CASTA/CDOT Fall Transit Conference & Expo

On September 25th, 2013, Davey Coach will be attending the 2013 CASTA-CDOT Fall Transit Conference and Expo.


CASTA is the Colorado ASsociation of Transit Agencies and represents 115 Transit Agencies across the state. Click for a Complete Directory.

CASTA is a very active association with all of its members supporting the Colorado Transit Vision:

“All Colorado residents and visitors enjoy safe, convenient, affordable and accessible public transportation. Transit in Colorado plays a significant role in promoting the economic vitality and environmental leadership of our state.  By 2025, Coloradans will enjoy seamless trip planning and execution on Colorado’s robust and effective regional and local transportation systems. Transit will be integrated with our aviation, rail, highway, biking and pedestrian systems to give Coloradans access and options on every leg of their journeys.”  Click for the Complete CASTA Vision.

As a member, Davey Coach enjoys the face to face contact with the Directors and Managers of all the Transit Agencies which the conference provides. The EXPO enables Davey Coach to display our latest product offerings applicable to the Transit Industry.  This year, the LF Transport built by Champion Bus is featured.  The LF, stands for Low Floor, which is the latest trend in the Cutaway Bus Market.  The concept of the Low Floor is just as it states, and eliminates the high step-in height of the typical bus build.  This concept was put to life by re-engineering the bus body and incorporating a kneeling system which lowers the bus at each stop or upon demand by the driver. Because, accessible public transportation is a priority for all Transit Agencies across the nation, the Low Floor also incorporates a ramp for wheelchair passengers.  The Low Floor design has been available in full-size Transit buses for several years and as a result quickly became a necessity to the Cutaways.

Cutaway Buses are Davey Coach’s specialty.  30 years ago, Tom Davey, realized there was a growing need of moving groups of people and founded Davey Coach Sales, Inc.  This growing need has evolved to a “niche” which Davey Coach fulfills by providing transportation solutions (10 to 50 passengers) to several different industries-Transit Agencies, Government Agencies, Colleges and Universities, Tour Companies, Charter Companies, Casinos, Churches, Assisted Living and Senior Housing, Rental Car Companies, Parking and Valet Companies, Hotels and Resorts, Ski Resorts. 

Davey Coach represents several Bus Manufacturers including – General Coach, Federal Coach, Champion Bus, Elkhart Coach, Turtle Top, Krystal Koach, Ameritrans, and Trans Tech.  Of these manufacturers, Champion Bus and Arboc are the leading innovators of the Low Floor Design on Cutaway Buses.  You can download both product brochures at the end of this post. 

Below is a picture of the Champion LF Transport which will be on display at the CASTA EXPO:


The Town of Breckenridge, with its Nationally Recognized “Free Ride” program , has agreed to provide one of their recently purchased LF Transports for display at the CASTA Expo.  Paul Owens and Rocco Andurlakis from Davey Coach and Ryan Lamb from Champion Bus will be available for demonstrations and to answer any questions.  Come see us at the EXPO!