Clearance Buses

Clearance Buses from Davey Coach Sales

Calling all markets! We have transportation solutions for just about every industry you can imagine. Whether it's adding to your existing fleet, or purchasing your first shuttle bus, Davey Coach Sales has the inventory to meet your needs. Be sure check back often to see if the vehicle you're interested in is listed here.

Arboc – Spirit of Liberty



Stock # 4180
Model Year: 2017
Bus Manufacturer: Arboc
Bus Model: Spirit_of_Liberty
Chassis Manufacturer: Freightliner
Miles: 4754
Fuel Type: Diesel
Overall Length: 34
Current Passenger Capacity: 32

Turtle Top – Odyssey



Stock# 4299
Model Year: 2017
Bus Manufacturer: Turtle Top
Bus Model: Odyssey
Chassis Manufacturer: Ford
Miles: 2445
Fuel Type: Gas
Overall Length: 31
Current Passenger Capacity: 28

Diamond – 2800 VIP



Stock #4613
Model Year: 2018
Bus Manufacturer: Diamond
Bus Model: 2800 VIP
Chassis Manufacturer: Ford
Miles: 999
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Overall Length: 28
Current Passenger Capacity: 25

Braun – Entervan



Stock # 4088
Model Year: 2016
Bus Manufacturer: Braun
Bus Model: Entervan
Chassis Manufacturer: Dodge
Miles: 14,326
Fuel Type: Gas
Current Passenger Capacity: 6