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Collins buses are built with a strong emphasis on safety and overall excellence and has long been synonymous with the school bus industry. After half a century of delivering Type A school buses with A+ marks for strength and safety, Collins has become the nation’s most trusted bus manufacturer across every segment. From Type A school buses to commercial applications passengers and businesses can place their trust in Collin’s engineering and innovation!

Collins Bus Model Line Up

As a part of the REV group, Collins Buses are built to the best standards and guaranteed to impress. With a variety of function and functionality, from backpack to briefcase, Collins has the right bus for most every journey.

Collins Type A School Bus – Building the best school bus begins with building the safest school bus. Collins’ exclusive design features have protected our most precious cargo for generations, making them the industry’s most trusted school bus company. From the strongest roof to the introduction of the industry’s first low-floor design to safety and strength, Collins Type A school buses are at the head of their class.

Collins MFSAB – (multi-function school activity bus) buses are affordable while offering flexibility in seating and being easy to maintain. For schools, every day and every trip is different. Knowing flexibility is the rule of the road, Collins developed an innovative, non-CDL multi-function school activity bus (MFSAB) that meets every need. Customers can choose between Ford and Chevy chassis that provide trusted performance. Collins’ proprietary one-piece tubular roof design ensures safety is the standard on every bus they build.

Collins MPV Mini Bus – The MPV brings safety and maneuverability of a passenger van in a well-built design tat is comfortable, affordable and safe! With exclusive one-piece tubular roof design, the Collins MPV provides unmatched safety! External storage options, upgraded seating packages and more, the MPV is the perfect choice for any transportation needs you might have.

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