Davey Coach Helps Resort Group With Preparing Buses for the Winter Season

Recently we provided buses and graphics for the Resort Group for use during the winter season.



To prepare buses for the winter season we often install various ski racks, change seating and luggage arrangements and capacity, add automatic tire chains, custom 4×4 and vehicle graphics, as well as include different executive and entertainment accessories. This process involves a lot of work and attention to detail. Our team takes pride in doing a great job and making sure everything is done right. We love to take good care of our customers and to provide them with the best experience possible.

We were pleased to partner with the Resort Group in preparing their buses for the busy winter season, and worked hard to ensure that everything was done just right. We were even more excited to present their buses early having completed them aheadof schedule! We appreciate our customers and thank them for putting their trust in us and our team. Be sure to look for the Resort Group buses up on the mountain!