Davey Coach Honors Our Administrative Employees

Today Davey Coach Sales recognizes the special talents and contributions of our wonderful administrative employees by taking them out to a special lunch riding aboard one of our Van Terra Executive Shuttles. 

We greatly appreciate all our talented staff and their hard work and dedication to excellence and customer service. Today we specifically recognize our administrative employees, Michelle Avello, Elaine Johnson, Wendy DeValois, Kara Hess, and Jennifer Eden for their many contributions to Davey Coach and our great appreciation of these efforts. 

Davey Coach Sales has become a national leader of new and used bus sales, national parts sales, quality bus service and repair, and bus leasing and vehicle graphics through the efforts of our remarkable staff, especially our administrative staff.    

Providing a well-deserved ride in one of our Executive shuttles with Upgraded Black Austin Trieste Eleganza Leathermate Seats was the least we could do for these wonderful employees. We appreciate all their hard work and encourage you to come experience the dedication Davey Coach employees have to quality and customer service. We look forward to hearing from you and in serving all your new and used bus sales needs.