Davey Coach Mentioned in Busline Magazine

Davey Coach was mentioned in the March/April issue of Busline!

Davey Coach Sales is proud to offer exceptional quality and service to all of our customers, both big and small throughout North America. Since opening doors in 1992, Davey Coach has been dedicated to customer service and providing the very best products in the specialized transportation industry. One of our long-term customers, GO Alpine Taxi, who offers transportation and shuttle services to the Steamboat Springs region, was recently featured in Busline magazine because of their impressive business and growth. Lisa Adamo, president of GO Alpine said in the article, “We have worked with Tom Davey as long as I can remember for leasing and most of our large vehicle purchases, He is constantly looking out for our needs, sometimes realizing them before I do.” We are proud to work with an amazing company like GO Alpine and to provide them with quality buses year after year to keep their fleet up and running.

GO Alpine takes advantage of the unique seasonal leasing options we provide our valued customers. By leasing a bus from us, our customers are able to receive a new bus in top-notch operational condition each season, which can then be returned for the months that the bus is no longer needed. Feel free to contact any of our friendly staff to learn more about our creative leasing options including our one-of-a-kind seasonal bus lease. We look forward to continuing to work with and develop lasting relationships with our customers and the community by providing the best customer service and working to deliver the quality that you can trust.

Here is a link to the issue of Busline you can read the article online here: http://issuu.com/buslinemagazine/docs/0315busline4web