Davey Coach mentioned in Denver Post and Lone Tree Voice for Lone Tree Link

Davey Coach mentioned by both The Denver Post and The Lone Tree Voice for working with the City of Lone Tree on developing the Lone Tree Link.


Take a look at what both papers had to say here:



The City of Lone Tree has worked to develop a free shuttle service that can be used by the community and local employers. Davey Coach was happy to work with the City of Lone Tree to provide the buses for the route as well as graphics. Each bus received a complete graphic treatment, wrapped to match in a special design that is both professional and exciting. Additionally the interior of each bus had numerous graphic additions that really made this a unique project.

The Lone Tree Link shuttle service went live on September 17 and was launched with excitement and great fanfare. The buses broke a celebratory banner and were ready for public service after. The shuttle service has been a great success and we are happy to have been a part of this project.

 It is our pleasure to serve the community and work with great individuals and organizations bringing them the best customer service and ensuring their projects meet with success. We are totally committed to customer satisfaction whether buying, renting, leasing, getting graphics or service, you can be assured that working with Davey Coach will begin and end with satisfaction.