Davey Coach Proudly Presents the MV-1

The MV-1 was specifically designed and engineered for individuals with mobility challenges, as a purpose built wheelchair accessible vehicle. Built in America, the MV-1 is ADA approved and meets all the Buy American Act requirements. We at Davey Coach are proud to carry the MV-1 and bring this innovative product to you.


The MV-1 was purpose built for enhancements in comfort, safety, accessibility and durability, all while maintaining a sleek and modern look. The MV-1 was developed with insights gathered after extensive research within the accessibility community, and built to deliver uncompromising mobility from the moment it rolls off the assembly line.

We have an extensive inventory of new and used MV-1’s, from the luxurious and feature-rich LX edition to the standard and well equipped SE edition. With an extra-wide door and extendable ramp that easily deploys from within the floor, the vehicle is incredibly accessible. Although designed for wheelchair accessibility, the MV-1 is well suited for a wide variety of uses and you will be amazed at what the MV-1 can do for you.

 Whether you are looking to buy, lease, or rent, or if you need repairs, parts or service we have the solution for your needs. Our service department is specially trained to work on MV-1’s and is happy to assist you in any problems or repairs you may need. Our graphics department has also worked designing custom graphics and vehicle wraps specifically for the MV-1 and can help you get a custom look or advertise your business or organization. Whatever you need to do, wherever you need to go, one vehicle can handle it all, the MV-1. Give us a call to find out more about the MV-1!    1-800-873-1856