Electric Vehicles: What’s Next?

Electric Cars, Electric Trucks, what’s next – Electric School Buses?

That is exactly what is coming. Trans Tech debuted the eTrans, Type-A Electric School Bus at the NAPT Conference in Cincinnati, OH on October 23rd. The bus will be built in Warwick, NY at the Trans Tech manufacturing facility with seating capacities of up to 42 passengers.

The eTrans will be built on a Smith Electric Vehicle, all electric, zero emission Newton Chassis with a 120kw induction motor allowing it to reach speeds of 50 mph. The eTrans will have a trip range of 100 to 130 miles per charge from its lithium-ion batteries depending on load and driving conditions. The eTrans will take six to eight hours to recharge and can be recharged almost anywhere with its onboard charging system. The eTrans carries a small auxiliary power unit that is powered by propane or CNG that will power the buses heat & A/C system.

The Smith Electric Vehicle Newton chassis is very energy efficient and an electric school bus with zero emissions generated from its chassis is good for our children & environment. School Districts and bus contractors should also be able to take advantage of lower off peak electricity rates by recharging the eTrans at night when demand is low.
Trans Tech is an industry leader in the latest School Bus safety and functionality design. Davey Coach Sales, Inc. is pleased to be the Authorized Dealer for Trans Tech in the Rocky Mountain Region.