eTrans School Bus

Davey Coach Inc. is the exclusive dealer for the first electric school bus that will have an aerodynamic design, 42 passenger capacity, and 120kw induction motor allowing it to reach speeds up to 50 mph. The eTrans will have a trip range of approximately 100 to 130 miles per charge from its lithium-ion batteries, depending on load and driving conditions. The bus will take 6 to 8 hours to recharge with the ability to recharge virtually anywhere with its onboard recharging system. The eTrans will have a small auxiliary power unit fueled by compressed natural gas or propane that will power the vehicle’s heat and air conditioning systems.

The Smith Electric Vehicles Newton chassis is energy efficient with electricity costs that are approximately 80 percent less than a comparable diesel vehicle. Davey Coach Inc. is working with industry stakeholders to ensure that the eTrans is priced competitively with conventional school buses. Thus ensuring customers will be able to realize the significant reductions in long-term operational and maintenance costs.

The eTrans will be ideal for short, defined, repetitive routes. An electric school bus with zero emissions generated from its chassis is great for children and the environment. In addition, given that most school buses operate during the day, school districts and bus contractors will be able to take advantage of lower off-peak electricity rates by recharging their fleets at night when demand is at its lowest.

As the market for alternative fuel Type-A school buses continues to take shape, there will be an endless array of innovative solutions that will continue to make electric school buses an exciting alternative to gas and diesel powered buses. Davey Coach’s goal is to work with Smith Electric Vehicles to meet customer demand by building safe, environmentally-friendly school buses that are affordable, easy to use and do the job required of them.

Contact John Gray or 720-539-9455 to get more information or to see the eTrans school bus today.