Exciting New Product Coming Soon from Davey Coach Sales Inc.

We have exciting news about a new product that is coming soon!

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While we don’t have many details to release at this time, the transportation experts at Davey Coach Sales Inc. are beyond excited to let people know that there is a NEW product we will be unveiling before the midway point this year.  Turtle Top has designed and is currently building the first few prototype VT3 (Vanterra for those unfamiliar with the VT abbreviation) on the Ford Transit chassis.  This vehicle will be available with a gas AND a diesel engine, which is exciting as we haven’t had a diesel engine available on a Ford product for this size of vehicle since the 6.0L went away in 2009.  We’ve seen some detailed rendition drawings, and while we aren’t able to release any copies to the public just yet we can tell you it is a GORGEOUS vehicle that will change the transportation experience for both operators and customers alike.  There will be options for up to 15 total passengers WITH dedicated luggage in the rear as well as an ADA option for those who need a bus with a wheelchair lift.  The visibility in the passenger area is unlike anything that’s ever been brought to market for the bus industry in this size/class of vehicle.  We plan to have pricing/photos available before the end of Q1 and are tentatively planning an open house type unveiling in the early summer.  Stay tuned for more exciting details and we will bring them to you as soon as they’re available!   black gmc vant terra xlt pass angle cutout.jpg - 165.13 KB