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Champion Bus

Champion Bus began building commercial passenger buses in 1980 and continues the tradition today. Their bus design is one of the first to undergo testing at the Federal Transit Authority’s Altoona testing program. With its durable 1.5” x 1.5” 16-gauge galvanized tube steel cage construction, a Champion Bus is one of the most robust in the industry.

Champion Bus Model Line Up

Challenger – Choice is the name of the game with the Champion Challenger. This shuttle offers a wide array of floorplans and can accommodate up to 29 passengers. Built on the Ford chassis, the variety of lengths and options make the Challenger the ultimate choice for fixed and paratransit routes in any market.

LF Transport – The LF Transport delivers where others fall short. Standard options of the quickest kneeling level recovery, automatic self-leveling and the additional 2.5” of height from the standard Ford OEM ride height make the LF Transport an easy front runner. When a low floor vehicle is needed, no company can compare to the Ford conversions produced by Champion Bus

Defender F550 – The name says it all. The F550 Defender ensures the safety and production of your riders, while also offering a smooth, comfortable ride that you have come to expect with a Champion Bus. With the capability of carrying 33 passengers, this vehicle has the ability to be built specifically to your needs.

Defender Freightliner – For over 20 years, unsurpassed quality, safety and innovation has made Champion Bus one of the market’s leaders. The Defender Freightliner carries on a tradition and adds the ability to produce a high capacity 44 passenger, heavy duty performance vehicle. Champion delivers a ride tailored to your needs with the Defender Freightliner.

LF Avenger – The LF Avenger is no exception when it comes to the strength and reliability expected from Champion Bus. Boasting the innovative option of raising the vehicle 2.5” higher than typical OEM ride height, the LF Avenger provides spacious interior layouts with numerous options, giving every vehicle a custom feel.

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ElDorado Bus

Finding the advantages of marrying composite and steel reinforcement, the ElDorado product line dominated the honeycomb fiberglass market for bus construction. Today every vehicle is produced with the detailed-craftsmanship expected with the ElDorado name.

Collaborating with dealers like Davey Coach Sales, ElDorado’s original philosophy of “America’s Best Bus Value” can be seen with every build and delivery.

ElDorado Bus Model Line Up

AeroLite – The lightest and most nimble of the ElDorado “Aero” product line, the AeroLite offers easy maneuverability in confined spaces and narrow city streets with added stability provided from dual rear wheels. AeroLite’s stylish, modern composite fiberglass body is highly resistant to impact, rust and corrosion and is a step up from passenger vans with a larger payload with increased GVWR.

AeroTech – The AeroTech has been a best seller and a benchmark for passenger buses. The rust proof steel reinforced fiberglass composite body provides for lower temperature absorption, improved sound insulation and significant shock absorption minimizing damage and increasing safety in the event of an accident.

AeroElite – The largest of the ElDorado “Aero” product line, the AeroElite accommodates up to 33 passengers. The AeroElite’s steel-reinforced composite fiberglass body, built on two heavy-duty chassis options, is highly rust, impact and corrosion resistant with a sleek style that withstands time and the toughest of environments. Advantage – The affordable mid-size bus was one of the first fully integrated steel cage body produced at ElDorado. Built on Ford E-Series chassis, this model can be customized to comfortably seat up to 29 passengers or designed for non-CDL applications. If mid-size if what you are needing, while being mindful of a budget, the Advantage is one to check out.

Advance – Most recent addition to the ElDorado line up and offered as and efficient and economical platform. The Advance is the perfect solution for those needing a more compact vehicle, non-CDL applications or an option with a bit more space than a mobility van. The slim chassis body allows for ease of maneuverability when navigating through busy city streets and narrow urban or rural roads.

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Elkhart Coach

Engineered to last, Elkhart Coach is manufactured for years of care-free driving and performance. Our team of experienced, quality oriented production and manufacturing experts have designed a bus line that represents the ‘best value for your money’ with excellent warranty to back it up.

Davey Coach offers a wide selection of Elkhart Coach buses and feature both ADA-accessible wheelchair lifts and restraints, as well as a variety of configurations that include seating options, storage and rear luggage options.

Elkhart Coach Model Line Up

ECII is available on Ford E-350 and E-450 and Chevy G-3500 and G-4500 Express Chassis. This model offers expandable option packages including overhead luggage racks, interior luggage racks for airport and parking operations.

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