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MobilityTRANS is a proud builder of exceptional, American-made transport vehicles for ADA compliant commercial passenger use. With a variety of floor plans, heights, rear- and side-entry configurations, MobilityTRANS offers features that are unique and modern that provide the best in safety, comfort and convenience.

Exclusive Swing Lift for Side-Entry ADA applications – The exclusive, easy-to-operate design offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for drivers. Easily moves and locks into place for quick entry and exit for all passengers.

Quick and secure assisted transportation – The 3-point securements with ADA easy-to-use anchor system allows drivers to transport wheelchair users and users of other assistive equipment quickly, safely and securely. Auto-retracting tie-downs and removable, stowable seats provide optimal flexibility and the option to reconfigure seating as demands change.

Durable and economical – With OEM warranties, American-made chassis and upfit, stainless steel construction, and superior fuel economy, MobilityTRANS are efficient and economical to operate.

Safe and comfortable – Front and side airbags, lane-departure warning, anti-rollover systems and more allow MobiltyTRANS shuttles and vans meet state DOT, NHTSA, FMVSS and ADA requirements.

MobilityTRANS Model Line UP

The Ford Transit platform is the foundation of a variety of model configurations available from MobilityTRANS. The Ford Transit platform can be configured for:

  • Public Transportation
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Passenger Transport for virtually any industry, organization or group
  • Prison Transport
  • Executive, charter and private shuttle

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