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Transit bus in denver, co

As you scour the web for the best transit buses in the business, be sure to check out the wide selection at Davey Coach. We’re proud to provide exceptional vehicles to our customers in the Denver Metro Area, as well as Norwalk, CA and New Paris, IN.

Look to us for nearly any transportation need—we supply transit buses from all the top manufacturers, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to explain the features of each model.

We understand that choosing the ideal bus can get complicated, so we strive to streamline the process as much as possible. Get in touch with us today and let us know your needs.

Which Features Are on Your Checklist?

Whether this is your first time purchasing a transit bus or you’ve done this before, you likely have some advanced features on your wish list. When you visit our dealership for new and used transit bus sales, we’ll make every effort to meet your requirements. We can walk you through our inventory and recommend top-notch vehicles for your organization’s use.

Some features you may want to consider include: Real-time tracking software, foldaway seating, customized wheelchair lifts, bicycle racks, customized floor plans to accommodate additional passengers, air conditioning, comfortable seating and extra legroom for drivers.

Choosing a Bus for Your Organization’s Needs

With so many transit buses at your fingertips, it can be difficult to narrow down your options to just one. Fortunately, the team at Davey Coach is here to help. We’ll help you wade through your numerous choices and ensure that your most important needs are met. As you select your transit bus, be sure to consider the following:

* Budget: Be upfront with us about what you expect to spend. We understand that finances are crucial when contemplating a purchase, and we’ll make every effort to come in under your budget.

* Space: How many passengers do you plan to transport at once? Do you need extra storage space for luggage or personal belongings? These questions are vital to consider when making your choice.

* Purpose: Is your transit bus going to be transporting people throughout your city? Or is it meant to take people from one town to another? The length of time your bus will be on the road makes a difference when choosing which vehicle is best for you.

Lease Instead of Buy

Perhaps you don’t need to buy a bus outright. In that case, Davey Coach can still help you secure a transit bus lease. We’ve partnered with one of the most reliable rent-and-lease services in the Denver Metro Area, and we’ll be glad to help you take advantage of their services. Our team will help you decide between short- and long-term leases and ensure you receive a top-notch vehicle tailored to your needs. We even offer delivery and pick-up services if you can’t make it to our dealership.

Take Advantage of Our Other Services

While we’re well-known for top-quality transit buses, sales is not our only specialty. At Davey Coach, we strive to be your one-stop-shop for all your bus transportation needs. We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, and in that time, we’ve honed our skills and expanded our services. Our team can help whether you need bus upgrades or repair work. Other services you can expect from us include: Bus parts, accessories, bus conversions, bus refurbishment and maintenance.

Contact the Davey Coach Team Today

Regardless of the scope of your needs, Davey Coach can help. We’ve worked with countless customers across the Denver Metro Area, providing the gold standard in transportation vehicles. Whether you need a reliable transit bus or a shiny new school bus, we have you covered. We welcome you to contact us via phone or email to discuss your transportation needs. From there, our experts will present you with our recommendations. We make the purchase process straightforward and stress-free!