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Davey Coach is your primary stop when it comes to selection and immediate availability! Explore the broadest selection of commercial and private-use multiple passenger buses and vans available on Ford Transit chassis. With a 30-year legacy of matching the best transportation solutions to specific customer needs, Davey Coach is proud to offer a vast variety of platforms, configurations, ADA flexibility and custom builds. And when it comes to ADA and wheelchair accessibility, the options are endless.

Ford Transit offers Non-CDL solutions!

Davey Coach offers Ford Transit passenger vehicles that meets virtually any need. From a custom cutaway offering to a full range of unibody configurations and design options, we are happy to work with you to find the best fit!

Ford Transit offers better mileage than larger chassis models

Key brands that offer unique and exclusive designs and options include –

  • Turtle Top –
    • The only cutaway bus designed on a Ford Transit chassis – a foot wider than any other
    • All Wheel Drive for confidence in challenging weather conditions
  • LA West –
    • Executive Luxury Bus designs for discerning needs and tastes
  • MobilityTRANS –
    • Exclusive Swing Lift wheelchair lift for easy access

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Take a look at the variety of Ford Transit bus and van brands you can find at Davey Coach.

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Unique and User-friendly ADA Access Solutions –

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